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If you have considered marketing your brand on Reddit, you have likely heard the horror stories. The AMAs gone astray or the sad attempt Pilot made at using a meme to promote their own brand.

The horror stories are enough to scare away many a marketer. Here’s the thing – you CAN market on Reddit. But only if you approach the audience the way they like to be approached.

This week, our SEJ ThinkTank webinar series welcomed back Brent Csutoras, the Chief Social Media Strategist for SEJ and a Redditor of more than a decade. If you are looking to succeed on Reddit, Brent is your guy. Here is a recap of the webinar he gave, including a recording and his slides.

Marketing on Reddit Takeaways


During this most recent webinar, Brent gave a 30-minute presentation and then took questions live from the audience. To get the most out of his presentation, I highly recommend watching the full video or listening to the podcast.

Here are a few takeaways:


Watch the Video Recap 

View Brent’s Slides 


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