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Study Shows Google Android as More Vulnerable than iPhone

Study Shows Google Android as More Vulnerable than iPhone

When we discuss Android phones, we inevitably talk about the iPhone as well. After all, the iPhone is currently running neck-and-neck with Android phones (25% to Google’s 26%). We discuss many of the reasons for Android’s growing success, as well as how Apple is pushing the limits on their end. One we’ve failed to cover, though, is antivirus security — an important factor, especially since a recent study shows that Android is the more vulnerable operating system.

According to a report over at Business Week, which cited information from Trend Micro (a popular antivirus group), the reason has everything to do with Google’s open approach. This famed approach is much of the reason for Google’s success against Apple (it’s why they’ve been able to overwhelm the iPhone with dozens of different devices) and their apparent ability to bend the internet rules that apply to everyone else. However, it’s also the reason that hackers can “understand the underlying architecture and source code” of the operating system, according to Trend Micro Chairman, Steve Chang, and this can lead to the possibility for big security holes. On the other side, Chang continued, Apple is “very careful about it. It’s impossible for certain types of viruses to operate on the iPhone.”

Another influencing factor can be found in the development procedure for applications. While Google and Apple both have large marketplaces (200,000+ and 300,000+, respectively), Google is far more lenient on which applications it allows; their philosophy seems to be to let any app in, then filter the trash as it becomes apparent. This means that any insidious malware has less opportunity to be detected than it would if going to the iPhone app store, as Apple reviews each application thoroughly before approval.

Chang’s prediction, however, isn’t that Android will start losing share. Rather, he believes that smartphone security software will become increasingly important, especially for enterprise groups.

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Study Shows Google Android as More Vulnerable than iPhone

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