Study Shows Google +1 Adoption Spreading Rapidly

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As a prelude to its social network, Google released a social sharing button known as Google +1. Available to webmasters as a widget or to searchers on the SERP itself, the Google +1 button seems in many ways to be a response to the Facebook “Like” button and its impact on Bing search. But how is Google +1 faring?

According to a study from BrightEdge, pretty well. The BrightEdge study examined the presence or absence of social widgets and links on the top 10,000 sites on the web. Google +1 sees an adoption on the home page of 4.5 percent, up from 3.5 percent last month. While that still pales in comparison to the Facebook “Like” widget, which leads the pack at 10.8 percent adoption, Google +1 is spreading with impressive speed. In fact, Google +1 buttons have already surpassed Twitter Tweet plugins on the home page of top sites.

The figures don’t represent presence on individual content pages, which are often where widgets are used most frequently. However, other home page statistics do give a good idea of how each social site is being seen by major web properties. When looking at standard links to social network pages, Facebook continues to be the leader, with a 47.4 percent adoption. Twitter comes in second at 41.4 percent, and YouTube comes in third at 16.75 percent. Google+ has no links so far, largely because Google+ for businesses won’t be launched until later this year.

What does the study teach us? For one, that Google +1 is alive and continuing to grow. We’ll know more about its overall success once figures start to level out. However, Facebook is still the recognized leader by a broad margin.

[Sources include: BrightEdge]


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  • Mahendra Sharma

    Google wants to dominate the social media space without leaving any stones unturned. First with Google +1 and later with Google+, Google has entire umbrella of social media space with them. I am afraid we are being monopolized by Google on internet :-), though it makes life easier for the users but monopoly is not good for consumers.

  • Max

    Google +1 appears in Google search but only if you have a Google public profile and you are signed it. So not everybody can see Google +1 in a Google search page. Why?

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  • Jane55

    Max, because it’s was idea to share content you like with your friends. So, if you have public Google profile, you can see what your friend like and maybe you’ll like it too. In another way users could cheat results +1 for their sites in SERP and mislead other users, also they could do that to improve their sites position in Google, which is not a right solution.. It’s my mind 🙂