Stop Struggling with Content Marketing: A 360 Degree Approach

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Stop Struggling with Content Marketing: A 360 Degree Approach

This webinar was sponsored by Adlift, an award winning digital marketing agency that provides clients with individualized, expert SEO solutions that drive ROI. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies – but only if you do it well. On Wednesday, November 9th, Arron Goodin of Adlift joined the SEJ Thinktank for a 45-minute long webinar about how to effectively implement content marketing using a 360-degree approach.

Arron walked us throught the entire process from researching topics to increasing your brand awareness.


Here is a short recap of his insightful presentation, including the full video recap and Arron’s slides. 

  • Start by doing indepth research into what type of content you sould be producing. The best content provides maximium value.
  • When targeting your audience, don’t forget to pay attention to what part of the buying cycle they are in.
  • Analyze your results by setting out KPI that matter. Arron discusses which KPI you sould actually be paying attention to.
  • Leverage your new content using discovery platforms.
  • AMP (acclerated mobile pages)


Arron listed a number of content marketing resources in his webinar. Here are links to the sites he recommends.

Watch The Recap Video Here:

View Arron’s Slides Here:

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