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Spreadshirt : Search Engine T-Shirt Contest Sponsor

Spreadshirt : Search Engine T-Shirt Contest Sponsor

The response to the Search Engine Journal T-Shirt Competition has been amazing, with over 60 t-shirt ideas listed and hopefully more to come before the competition ends this weekend.

I am also very happy to announce that Spreadshirt has agreed to sponsor the contest. Spreadshirt offers a wide selection of products which web publishers and bloggers can upload their graphics to and sell on your sites. Shirts are available in multiple colors and cuts including Ringer T’s, V-Neck, and XXXL Shirts. Spreadshirt also offers a wide selection of brandable women’s wear, work out clothes, caps and desk accessories.

Spreadshirt is even helping to help us offer more prizes and open the competition to more winners. With the help of Spreadshirt, we will now be announcing 10 Winners of the Search Engine T-Shirt Competition.

Yes, 10 ideas will be chosen from the various t-shirt sloans and logo ideas and Search Engine Journal & Spreadshirt will be issuing a FREE T-Shirt to each winner – of the design of that winner. That gives you a much better chance of winning and getting your own T-Shirt from SEJ! So please, enter the contest.

Spreadshirt is helping us to set up our Search Engine Journal Store, which will offer products with the winning designs from the contests, and I should also mention that when a publisher opens a shop on Spreadshirt, their referral payout or profit margin is quite higher than Spreadshirt’s competition.

NOW, we have a distributor of the winning shirt designs and have announced that we will be announcing 10 winners.

What we now need is a graphic artist to turn the winning shirt designs into reality – so if you would like to lend your creative talents to the Search Engine T-Shirt Competition please email me at or leave a comment below.

Also, please contact me if you would like to be a judge.

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Spreadshirt : Search Engine T-Shirt Contest Sponsor

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