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Sony PSP and Google Search – Follow Up

Sony PSP and Google Search – Follow Up

On Friday I wrote about how Sony PSP was featuring Google Search in its Japanese television commercials and the possibility of Google partnering with Sony PSP’s web browser for other Google offerings. Takahiro Watanabe of SEM-Research, a Japanese Language blog, emailed me today with a bit of explanation on Google and Sony.

Although Watanabe is not aware of a publically announced partnership between Google and Sony, he noted that “Sony [has] pre-installed Google Search Toolbar to its VAIO PC’s in Japan for some years.” Besides Google being the default search engine for Sony PSP and VAIO PC’s, many of the Japanese cellular companies use Google search as the default search engine of their i-Mode Internet offerings. KDDI au, a huge Japanese mobile carrier also features Google Search in its commercials of Toshiba’s mobile phone.

Seems that Google has the prestige of being the true relevant search engine worldwide, even though its popularity in Japan is lagging behind Yahoo Japan. Special thanks to Takahiro Watanabe for the insight and I recommend his blog to any readers who can follow Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana.

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Sony PSP and Google Search – Follow Up

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