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Social Pop iPhone App: Social News and Sharing Simplified

Social Pop iPhone App: Social News and Sharing Simplified

One of the great treasures that comes along with the internet and having the ability to be constantly connected is also the ability to save and share great content. Websites such as Digg and Reddit have provided innovative ways to allow users to dictate what should be the top stories and let’s them share with friends and strangers alike. The only problem with having various websites for gathering interesting news is that it’s time consuming to constantly check each one… and if you don’t check them often you have a lot of stories, links and images to catch up on.

Search & Social just introduced “Social Pop”- a new iPhone application available in the app store that integrates all these various social news platforms into one great little package.

Social Pop iPhone app

When you open up the application, you have a preset amount of social news/sharing platforms and headlines. You can go into settings at any time to change what social news sites show up, along with how many headlines you want. You can choose between 1-5. The sites available are:

  • Digg– The latest news headlines, videos and images.
  • Reddit– What’s new online!
  • Fark– It’s not news, it’s
  • Mixx– Your blend of the web.
  • Newsvine– An instant reflection of what the world is talking about at any given moment.
  • Y! Buzz– What’s buzzing you?
  • Technorati– Comprehensive and current index of who and what is most popular in the Blogosphere.
  • Plime– Editable wiki community where users can add and edit  interesting links.
  • Shoutwire– Internet news for the masses.
  • Metacafe– Online video entertainment

Here’s an example of Reddit on the Social Pop application:

Reddit on Social Pop app

So when you’re out on your lunch break and want to read some interesting articles, you can simply access Social Pop on your iPhone and get schooled with information about sugar gliders, NLT life recovery bible, Dr. Howard Dean or Man Vs. Dog. You can also learn how to love monitor arms if you are so inclined. Feel like viewing the latest images or news? Go for it! I think I’ll stick to the sugar glider article… they’re cute and perform miraculous gliding feats from one end of their cage to the other!

If you want to download this application, simple go to your iPhone app store and search up “Social Pop”. You can also watch a video and download the application from the iTunes store through the Social Pop website.

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Social Pop iPhone App: Social News and Sharing Simplified

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