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Social Media Super Bowl

If fan love and great vibes have anything to do with the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII, then Search Engine Journal is ready to reveal it’s pick for this year’s NFL Championship Team.  We are taking it quarter by quarter based on the numbers of loyal fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

1st Quarter Match-up: Facebook

49er FB

Ravens FB

San Franscisco 49ers: 1,680,248 Fans

Baltimore Ravens: 1,352,287 Fans

The 49ers take an early lead in the first quarter ahead by 327,961 Facebook fans

2nd Quater Match-up: Twitter

Ravens Twitter49er TwitterBaltimore Ravens: 271,935 Followers

San Francisco49ers: 331,537 Followers

The 49ers maintain their lead going into halftime with 59,602 Twitter Followers

3rd Quarter Match-up: Google+

49er G+Ravens G+


San Francisco 49ers: 69,377  Followers

Baltimore Ravesn: 5,158 Followers

The San Francisco 49ers pull way out in front in the third quarter with 64,219 G+ Followers

4th Quarter Match-up: YouTube

Ravens YouTube49er YouTube


Baltimore Ravens: 2,416 Subscribers

San Francisco 49ers: 9,708 Subscribers

San Francisco 49ers win it all in the Social Media Super Bowl with 7,292 YouTube Subscribers

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Social Media Super Bowl

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