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Snapchat Year in Review: 20 Stats for UK Marketers

Snapchat reveals recent statistics about UK users in a report geared toward marketers and advertisers.

A report published by Snapchat is filled with statistics UK marketers can use to better understand the app’s avid users.

The report includes stats specific to Snapchat users, and general stats about UK consumers.

I combed through the report to pull out 20 useful stats separated into 3 categories:

  • Demographics
  • Buying Power
  • Media Consumption Patterns

The particular stats I chose to highlight are specific to Snapchat users only. Data throughout the report applies to Snapchat’s UK users and was gathered during the year 2020.

Here’s what UK marketers need to know about Snapchat users going into the year 2021.

Snapchat User Demographics

There were 249 million daily active users in Q3 2020, an increase of 18% year over year.

The “Snapchat Generation” includes more Millennials and Gen Zers than any other demographic:

  • 90% of 13 to 24 year olds are on Snapchat.
  • 75% of 13 to 34 year olds are on Snapchat.

What is important to them?

The report identifies 3 common values shared by Snapchat’s primary demographics:

  • Standing up for issues they care about.
  • Supporting their local community.
  • Celebrating diversity.

How do they use Snapchat?

To say Snapchat has an active user base of creators is an understatement, as 4 billion Snaps are created each day on average.

A typical user opens the app 30 times a day. You may think that type of behavior has negative consequences to mental health, but 95% of Snapchat users say it makes them happier than any other app.

Over half of Snapchat’s daily users are comfortable with the app’s more advanced features, as 180 million+ users engage with augmented reality (AR) filters each day.

Buying Power of Snapchat Users

Millennials and Gen Z have a combined buying power of $1 trillion – and they’re more than happy to buy goods online.

They’re not averse to spending money on digital items either, as the stats show:

  • Snapchat users are 63% more likely than non-users to have purchased a product online on a mobile device in the past month.
  • 60% of Snapchat users make in-app purchases.
  • 84% of Snapchat users have visited an online retail site on their mobile phone in the past month, compared to 60% of non-users.
  • Users report 5x higher ad awareness from Snapchat ads than other mobile video ads.
  • Snapchat users say their friends are 5x more influential on purchasing decisions than celebrities or influencers.

Media Consumption Patterns of Snapchat Users

Snapchat users consume a lot of content on their mobile device. The average user spends 4.3 hours per day on mobile.

Snapchat users spend about 32 minutes a day viewing mobile videos. They even watch videos when they’re shopping in a physical store.

The pandemic increased the amount of time spent watching mobile videos – 82% of Millennials and Gen Zers report watching more mobile video content after the pandemic hit the UK.

Snapchat users prefer consuming short, vertical videos over full-length videos recorded in a traditional aspect ratio.

  • 74% of Snapchat users say vertical video is more personal and immersive than other forms of video.
  • Seven in ten Snapchat users say they would rather engage with a lot of shorter videos than get completely immersed in one longer video.

Older demographics becoming more engaged, as views of Snapchat Discover content doubled year over year among those over 35.

Snapchat’s original shows are gaining in popularity. There are 10 million+ monthly viewers watching Snapchat’s original shows, which creates a new opportunity for advertisers.


Snapchat marketers needs to be aware that their audience is comprised of digital natives who value authenticity. Staying true to your brand is key to reaching these users.

If you’re going to invest in creating more video content this year, prioritize short-form vertical videos.

Marketers can get more mileage out of creating many short videos compared to a few longer ones. Snapchat users have an insatiable appetite for mobile video – opening the app 30 times per day is a testament of that.

For even more data, view the full report here (PDF link).

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Snapchat Year in Review: 20 Stats for UK Marketers

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