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Snapchat Introduces a 3-Step Ad Creation Tool

Snapchat Introduces a 3-Step Ad Creation Tool

Snapchat is introducing a new tool, called Instant Create, that offers a simple way to create Snapchat-optimized ads.

Ads can be created in three steps:

  • Select an objective – you can either increase web visits, app installs, or app visits.
  • Enter your business website.
  • Select your targeting.

Then the ad is ready to publish.

Snapchat says this tool is designed for advertisers with limited resources to quickly get started with Snapchat ads.

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This tool can be accessed by choosing “Instant Create” when creating a campaign.

Snapchat Introduces a 3-Step Ad Creation Tool

There’s also an Advanced Create option, though Snapchat says it’s better for multiple ad sets while Instant Create is better for a single ad.

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What About the Creative?

Advertisers will not need to design their own creative for these ads, as it’s all done automatically.

Just input your business URL and Instant Create will pull in photos directly from your website to create your ad.

Alternatively, you can upload your own images if you prefer. You’ll also have access to Snapchat’s most popular ad templates.

Snapchat Introduces a 3-Step Ad Creation Tool

At this time, Instant Create only supports Snap Ads. Instant Create is available to all advertisers from the self-service Ads Manager.


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