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Snapchat Introduces 3D Effects for Selfies

Snapchat Introduces 3D Effects for Selfies

Snapchat is introducing a new 3D camera mode that adds depth to photos taken with the front-facing cameras of certain phones.

The 3D camera mode can be used to create photos that change in appearance based on how a person holds their phone. Tilting the phone from side to side, for example, would show off the spatial detail captured in the image.

You can see Snapchat’s new 3D photos in action in the video below:

This feature is made possible thanks to the dual front-facing cameras of today’s smartphones. With that said, the new 3D camera mode will only be available on select devices (such as the iPhone X and above). However, any phone can receive and interact with Snapchat’s new 3D photos.

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This is currently one of the most unique features that Snapchat has over competitors like Instagram. With the launch of the new, more affordable, iPhones just around the corner this new 3D camera mode may prove to be a runaway hit.

If that ends up being the case, then it’s only a matter of time before Instagram catches up and brings this capability to its stories camera. After all, Instagram has a storied history of mimicking Snapchat’s most successful features.

This update is available now to the select devices that support it.


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