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Snapchat Now Lets You Order Custom-Designed Geofilters

snapchat custom filters

Snapchat’s latest endeavor to monetize its app is offering on-demand Geofilters, which can be created virtually anywhere. Snapchat has offered the ability to submit Community Geofilters for some time, which were initially designed for use in public places. The company says its on-demand Geofilters are more appropriate for smaller, private venues — such as an office building or your favorite local coffee shop.

“On-Demand Geofilters let you create and publish a Geofilter for your party, wedding, business, or any other place or event. It’s a fun way to help your friends or customers decorate their Snaps, wherever they are!”

The three-step process of acquiring an on-demand Geofilter sounds remarkably simple. First, design your Geofilter using the photo editing software of your choice; a few Photoshop and Illustrator templates are available if you need a starting point.

Second, map the geofence of the location where you wish the Geofilter to be available. This is also where you select the dates and times you want the Geofilter to be active for. Finally, submit your order. An editorial team will review it and, if approved, push it live.

Personal Geofilters for privately-hosted events can be created with limited restrictions; just don’t include any logos or branding. Business Geofilters with logos and branding can be created, but they’re subject to a strict set of business guidelines.

On-demand Geofilters start at $5 and can span areas from a single building to an entire city block. You’ll also have the option for it to be live from 30 minutes to 30 days. The price of the Geofilter is dependent upon how large an area it covers, and how long you want it to run for.

This is Snapchat’s second attempt at monetizing filters. It originally offered the ability to purchase pre-designed filters, before giving up on that revenue stream and making all of the filters free for everyone. It will be interesting to see how well it does for the company.

On-Demand Geofilters are available now in the US, UK, and Canada, with more locations said to be coming soon.

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Snapchat Now Lets You Order Custom-Designed Geofilters

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