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New Shopify App & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld tell you all about the new Shopify app, expanded audience targeting for Google Shopping campaigns, and the new Snapchat ad unit.

Plus, can you identify who’s lurking in the background of our Google Photos?

Shopify Introduces New App

The new app allows Shopify users to track orders, follow their favorite brands, and purchase products from their phone.

Snapchat ‘First Commercial’

This new non-skippable ad format will be shown on Snap shows.

Affinity audience targeting for Google Shopping ads

Spotted in the wild by Steven Johns, ecommerce advertisers can now target users who have demonstrated a strong, lasting interest in a given topic.

Microsoft Advertising Launches Cookie-Based Experiments

Advertisers could previously only use search-based experiments, but the new option makes Microsoft experiments more like campaign experiments in Google Ads.

SEO correlation study does not equal causation

The SEO community had a lot of thoughts about a new correlation study from Backlinko that analyzed Google search results.

Then, in our take of the week segment, Duane Brown drops the mic regarding competitor research.

We answer all your digital marketing questions during our lightning round segment:

  • Who were the worst Google Ad policy offenders of 2019?
  • What new features were added to Search Console?
  • When will Google video campaigns be switched to parallel tracking?
  • Where can you add COVID-19 announcements to your Bing Places profile?
  • Why might you want to reconsider using Google Meet?
  • How is YouTube fact-checking content?

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Thank you to our sponsors!

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  • Opteo – Helps Google Ads managers automate time-consuming manual tasks so they can spend more time on high-level strategy and creative work.

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Featured Image: Cypress North

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Christine Zirnheld Digital Marketer at Cypress North

Christine “Shep” Zirnheld is a digital marketer at Cypress North & cohost of Marketing O’Clock on the Search Engine Journal ...

New Shopify App & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

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