Strategies To Sharpen Your Keyword List

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It does not matter if you are optimizing your website or doing AdWords pay-per-click. Keyword research should be the foundation of very online marketing strategy.

Keyword research can indicate to you holes in your search engine optimization and paid search strategies. It can also help you find new keywords with high-potential and content for your website that you are missing.

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There are a number of very good keyword tools available that can help you in your research. Many, like WordTracker, you will have to pay for. Others, like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool are free. If money is tight, and your target search engine is Google, then most will pick the free AdWords keyword tool.

In the next few minutes, you will learn 3 very fundamental strategies that will help you to build a more powerful and better targeted keyword list.

Strategy #1: Use keywords you already rank for

A good place to begin your search is with your analytics reports. Make a list of the most popular keywords people already use to find your website. Then use that list in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find related keywords.

Make sure the keywords that you select have at least 1,000 searches a month. There is little point in ranking for keywords that do not get much traffic.

Strategy #2: Forget all your assumptions

Many people think they know what keywords will be best at finding paying customers. As a rule their assumptions are based on what they would use in a search if they were the customer.

You know what your website is about and how you as the site owner might find it. However, your customers will not search the same way you do. They probably do not even work in the same industry as you. If they did, they would not need your services.

Any assumptions you have will therefore at best limit your keyword list and at worst be totally wrong.

You must do the keyword research!

Strategy #3: Estimate your traffic levels

When choosing which keywords to use for optimizing your website or with AdWords, it is helpful to know how much traffic you could expect. Google’s Traffic Estimator tool will approximate how often your ad in AdWords might expect to be clicked on. It will also show you the average cost you could have to bid for that keyword.

You should know from your analytics reports the average number of visitors you need to make a sale. This will help you work out if you are likely to make a profit on this keyword.

Research shows that people click on the organic search results up to three times more often than the paid for results. A top five organic listing should therefore average three times more traffic than from AdWords. This will give you a good guide to how much effort it is worth putting into optimizing content for any keyword phrase.

Creating a large, targeted and responsive keyword list can seem like an overwhelming task. However, with time and the help of the strategies revealed here, you can quickly and easily create keyword lists that are highly targeted and very responsive.

Adrian Key

Adrian Key

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  • Alingrinberg

    Simply put, and very good advice.

    • AdWords Adviser

      Thanks for reading, I am glad you enjoyed the article.

  • Michael Real

    Very informative post! I will definitely take your advice. The first advice is what I am going to do first of all. Besides, I already have a Google Adwords tool so no worries.

    • AdWords Adviser

      Thanks for reading. What keyword tool do you use?

  • madrid seo

    Really really good!! Nice post! it´s very important classified the keywords whith a good tool as Keyword tool to google. Thanks”

    • AdWords Adviser

      I am pleased you enjoyed the article. There are other tools available on the market, but for a free keyword tool, Google’s is hard to beat.

  • Mr.Ven

    Estimating the expected traffic through a keyword is more important before targeting a keyword. At the same time, a top-10 competition analysis is also must and its always better to easily target a moderately traffic volume + less competitive keyword, instead of struggling years for ranking in a high competitive keyword !

    Thanks Adrian Key !

    • AdWords Adviser

      Thanks for reading! I would agree with you that estimating expected traffic and competition are both very important. In fact there are many other points I could have made also. Maybe I should write a follow up article!

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Everyone should start by looking at their analytics before they go changing keywords. What happens if you remove a keyword that you are ranking for or one that is driving traffic because you didn’t check the data? You’ve effectively shot yourself in the foot without even realizing it.

    • AdWords Adviser

      Yes Nick, you are so right. nobody should just wade in and change or remove keywords without understanding the impact those changes may have on their sales. However, I am sure you will agree that your analytics reports are a good place to start looking for new keywords. It is logical that you should be able to rank well for keywords that are related to those that you already have a good ranking for.

  • online advertising

    lot of information i working on these for years still i had some thing to learn from here thanks.

  • Alun

    Well its really useful article. I love to implement in my ppc campaign.