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Catch Search & Social at SES San Jose

Catch Search & Social at SES San Jose

There may not be a Google Dance during this year’s SES San Jose, but that does not mean that the staff of Search & Social and Search Engine Journal will not be attending and contributing to the conference.

First off, I’d like to announce that Shannon Poole will be joining Search Engine Journal in covering SES San Jose. Shannon cohosts SEO Gossip, a new show on Webmaster Radio, with Search & Social’s Director of Operations Scott Polk.

Shannon Poole

When she’s not on the air, Shannon will be interviewing participants of the SES San Jose Conference in the Expo Hall and also out on the party scene. Expect to see Shannon’s video interviews and posts up here on SEJ throughout the week.

Welcome to the REAL Search Engine Journal Shannon!

Big Dave Snyder

Dave Snyder

On Day Two at 4 pm, Search & Social’s Dave Snyder will be sitting on what may be one of the biggest panels here in San Jose this week, Social Media: White Hat vs. Black Hat. Dave will be joining Lee Odden, Chris Bennett and Beth Harte to discuss black hat techniques creeping into social media along with tactics on how to keep your social media campaigns from being labeled as such by working with ethical social media consultants.

Mark my words, Social Media: White Hat vs. Black Hat will be the CAN’T MISS session at SES San Jose.

The rest of the S&S and SEJ crew who could make it here to San Jose (we miss you Ann!); including resident company genius Jordan Kasteler, Janna Baker and myself; will be covering the highlights of sessions (we don’t live blog, we get right to the meat & potatoes of the sessions) and also interviewing attendees of SES San Jose as well as covering the companies who are exhibiting and sponsoring.

If you want to be featured on SEJ, be sure to contact us and we’ll do our best to meet up with you.

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