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SEO Superheroes : Search & Social

Dave Harry (aka. theGypsy) has put together a great and hilarious collection of comic book hero renderings of some of his friends in the search marketing industry in a great blog post that will surely bring him lots of retweets and traffic 🙂

The League of Awesome Optimizers, or What if SEO’s were Superheroes, is a nice refreshing post and also shows off another one of theGypsy’s talents … comic book caricature art! (Look out Todd MacFarland, there’s a new sheriff in town.)

I have to admit, I really love the Search & Social feature as the SEO Supergroup. I think I love it so much, I’m going to print it out and hang it on our office wall. :

Search & Social

Snyder-man; After being bitten by the search bug, Dave Snyder was transformed into the mighty Snyder-Man. A superhero with the power to smash information architecture into usable forms no matter how large the site. When it comes to ‘spider friendly’ pages, he’s second to none!

Kid Utah; A combination of thin AIR and an ongoing obsession with PaIR led mild mannered Jordan Kasteler down the path to a war against crap-hat SEO. Because of his incredible ability to assimilate information, Kid Utah can move at blinding speed and stay one step ahead of the evil Search Corp… none can match his velocity driven campaigns.

the’ Baker; A master of all things search, Loren (the) Baker heads up the team’s tactical deeds. With a knack for team building and outreach he mixes them all together to find the best approach to every problem. The Baker always knows the right recipe for success!

Data Set; Part woman, part machine… Ann Smarty is the ultimate SEO weapon. She possesses every single search related tool ever made with one of the world’s first cybertronic exoskeletons. When it comes to the right tools for the job… she’s your best bet!

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SEO Superheroes : Search & Social

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