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SEO Q&A : Should You Use Google Webmaster Tools?

Personally, I’m a pretty big advocate of using Google Webmaster Tools,’s Webmaster Center and Yahoo Site Explorer to upload XML Sitemaps and track the ways the various search engines are indexing my sites.

Google Webmaster Tools also lets us control the Sitelinks which are being served in Google results, alerts us to error pages or pages not being properly indexed by Google, and a glimpse into how Google picks up the incoming links to our sites.

A question was just posed to me .. should SEO’s really be using these services or are there sufficient third party tools on the market to get the same job done. And doesn’t listing your XML sitemap in your Robots.txt file tell the engines where your XML sitemap is located?

So why use Google Webmaster Tools?

And if you own multiple sites, shouldn’t you be setting up different Google user accounts?

Does Google Webmaster Tools let Google see too much into your own practices and some of the work you may be doing for other sites? Does it let them profile SEO’s?

OR is Google Webmaster Tools the best thing since sliced bread.

What are your thoughts on the question? Please feel free to share them below.

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SEO Q&A : Should You Use Google Webmaster Tools?

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