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SEO Lesson from Jessica Simpson, Teen Marketing Genius

SEO Lesson from Jessica Simpson, Teen Marketing Genius

The creation of original web content is one of the main building blocks of search engine optimization and gaining rankings for different search terms. Targeting long tail terms is writing for specific and targeted audiences, attracting users to your site who are looking for information on or to buy an item which would result in a search query broken down into geographic terms, colors, sizes and other niche descriptive text.

But what about the rest of the web which is not built for obtaining search engine rankings? With natural language and semantics being an issue in SEO, is the new writing style of the Always On generation who never pick up a pen going to influence how SEO is handled in the future?

Think of the direction News Corp and Microsoft is going with MySpace and MSN Spaces and the language, grammar, and lack of correct spelling attributed to such citizen journalists.

I was checking out today while looking into blog monetization examples and ran across this letter from Jessica Simpson to her fans:

hello friends,

it’s jess! i just wanted to let ya’ll know that with everything we go through in life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, the right, the wrong, the think we don’t belong, we all have to allow our hearts to remain open to create who we are. find that for yourself no matter what. take the advice from the wisdom of those we love. remember that bad company corrupts good character. and breathe to allow yourself the freedom to just be. getting to know yourself is so important. spend time alone with your thoughts for this creates a world of true serenity. do not be afraid. inner beauty, outward charm. greet everyone we meet with a smile (unless it is paparazzi.haha), a smile is contagious. i love you guys so much and appreciate the support through all the unfortunate pain of loss. what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. carry on. soar. glide. fly. this is a wonderful life. love,


I’m sure Jessica and her publicists know how to write correctly and capitalize sentences. I’d expect there to be some copy editor along the way before something like this gets sent in an email or posted on a web page. I’m thinking like a 31 year old adult though.

The genius behind this letter from Miss Simpson to her fans is that it is written in the same exact way her fans write, message, talk, think and blog. And by golly, that’s the way they probably search too.

So, my question is… if your site targets 12 to 20 year olds are you addressing them with your site’s writing style, product descriptions, and articles?

Since such writing style is cached by search engines and shown in descriptions, excerpts, blogs and previews; applying it to a web site will not only result in higher rankings for keyterms which use “teen speak” but inclusion in the search results and sponsored links of this form of writing would surely lead to higher click thru rates by this shopping crazed demographic.

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SEO Lesson from Jessica Simpson, Teen Marketing Genius

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