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SEO Inc Girls Heat Up Search Engine Strategies

SEO Inc Girls Heat Up Search Engine Strategies

SEO Inc girls brought quite a crowd into their booth at SES NY. SEO Inc probably had one of the worst locations in the conference (besides Chris Tolles of being jammed in between some affiliate lead network and an online casino), in some back corner, but these steamy ladies seem to have been all that was needed to elevate interest in “getting on top.” Besides getting the booth babes to hand out tshirts and flirt with camera toting journalists, SEO Inc was also trumpeting their new EngineTracker tool which was launched last week before SES NY.

EngineTracker is a hosted service that continually monitors 18 key criteria used to rank any websites of the customer’s choice. The service enables its users to see the major factors contributing to their website rankings as well as those of competitors aggregated in one spot, track those values over time, and instantly identify significant changes in any of the criteria to aid their online marketing initiatives.

Criteria examined include inbound links to eight different engines, inclusions in the four major directories, Google’s page rank, Alexa’s traffic ratings, and the number of pages indexed in Google, Yahoo and MSN. The service also allows subscribers to create customized email alerts informing them of changes that meet user-defined thresholds (for example, if Google links fall from 22,000 to 20,000), and it includes a Blog offering SEO, Inc.’s expert interpretations of updates and other changes to the major search engines.

SEO Inc states that their charts can be customized to display the data that is most important to that user; configured to provide at-a-glance comparison of subscribers’ and competitors’ ranking values; and printed and/or saved as an image for insertion into other reports. Dashboards utilize up and down arrows that instantly convey changes in ranking values; mouseovers that reveal the raw data behind those changes; and other features for rapid interpretation.

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SEO Inc Girls Heat Up Search Engine Strategies

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