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The SEO Guide to FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

You must have already noticed that I am a huge fan of FireFox as a great SEO tool I can’t live without. So today I am sharing a few FireFox shortcuts and tips to optimize your browser.

Built-in shortcuts:

From official shortcuts (I’ve selected those that speed up some daily SEO tasks):

Command Windows Mac Linux
Find Links As You Type ‘ (apostrophe) ‘ (apostrophe) ‘ (apostrophe)
Open Context Menu Shift+F10 Ctrl+Space Shift+F10
Open History Window Ctrl+H Cmd+Shift+H Ctrl+H
Force Reload (not from cache) Ctrl+Shift+R Cmd+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+R
Select All Text in Location Bar (e.g. to quickly copy it)
Ctrl+L or Alt+D Cmd+L Ctrl+L or Alt+D
Move to Next/Previous Link or Form Element in a Web Page Tab/Shift+Tab Tab/Shift+Tab Tab/Shift+Tab
View Page Information Ctrl+I Cmd+I Ctrl+I
View Page Source Ctrl+U Cmd+U Ctrl+U

Change Shortcuts / Set Your Own:

Key Config is a great FireFox extension that enables you to set your own shortcuts for any task you perform regularly.

You can also have a look at the tool wiki; I for one found the tool quite very easy to use.

Access it via Tools (in FireFox menus), and edit, reset or disable any existing shortcut or add your own key:


One more great thing about the tool is that it will also allow you to change any shortcuts for any addon you installed.

P.S. If you are a fan of using keyboard shortcuts (and per my experience they can considerably increase your productivity), here is also a few ways to add keyboard shortcuts to Google search.

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The SEO Guide to FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

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