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SEO Clinic : Now Every Two Weeks

SEO Clinic, the free SEO recommendation and review service where Search Engine Journal editors and special guest SEO experts help sites better their rankings, usability and overall search marketing presence, is going to be running as a bi-weekly column here on Search Engine Journal.

This week, we helped TechSmith, a screen capture and web video company, better their overall SEO and it should most definitely help with their rankings.

The next SEO Clinic will run on March 20th and will focus on a special site with an emphasis on blog optimization, using public relations for link building and SEO, and the clinic will be helping a unique individual fulfill his dream.

If you’d like to submit your site to the SEJ SEO Clinic, please fill out the form below:

In the meantime, we’re working on some new and exciting columns here at Search Engine Journal and will be announcing them shortly, so stay tuned!

What people are saying about SEO Clinic:

Steven Bradley:

If there’s one thing you can say about the SEO Clinic review, it’s that the review is thorough…. while the this first review tends to focus on what would be considered seo 101 there are some pretty good ideas to generate natural links and make use of social media sites. Overall it’s a good look into the minds of some successful SEOs and how they would approach the problem of optimizing a site.

Michael Martinez:

That was one of the most thorough, informative online analyses I have read in a very, very long time.

David Jonah:

This is a phenomenal idea and execution with real tangible value. In a world of me too SEO commentators and duplication resource articles searching for a new angle, which should be ironic on some level, this is unique, valuable, innovative, and refreshing.

David Temple :

Great job everybody. It was especially interesting to see what a well established site can do to improve.

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SEO Clinic : Now Every Two Weeks

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