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SEMMYS : 14 SEJ Entries Nominated for Best in Search Engine Marketing

Matt McGee of SmallBusinessSEM has put together a masterful awards competition for the best blog posts in search engine marketing; The SEMMYS (get it? SEM + EMMY’s).

A fine compliment to the Annual SEJ Search Blog Awards, the SEMMY’s look at individual blog posts and start out with numerous posts per topic. Judges then boil the posts down to the top 5 or 6 per category, then the public voting will begin next week.

I’m proud to announce that the following fourteen Search Engine Journal posts by Eric Lander, Carsten Cumbrowski and myself were nominated for the first round of the SEMMY’s :

  1. Google’s Behavioral Targeting Flaws Put Advertisers at Risk
  2. About URL Tracking Parameters and Duplicate Content Issues
  3. Google Loves Transparent Links & Hit Counter Spam
  4. Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide
  5. Google PageRank Update & Link Selling
  6. 8 Things We Learned About Google PageRank
  7. Guide to Link Buying: Directories, Ads, and Reviews
  8. The Necessary Evolution of Linkbait
  9. 11 Considerations When Hiring a Link Building Service
  10. How To Buy Blog Reviews for Effective Link Building
  11. Smart Spam via .EDU Link
  12. 20 Essential Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To
  13. Social Media’s Direct Influence on Search Engine Ranking
  14. How to Add Content to Wikipedia the ‘White Hat’ Way?

I am also be judging two categories which do not interfere with SEJ’s nominations; the Rants and Viral categories, along with Andy Beard and Lee Odden.

Once public voting begins next week we’ll send out a reminder, but in the meantime, visit the SEMMYS to view all of the other wonderful blog posts which were nominated.

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SEMMYS : 14 SEJ Entries Nominated for Best in Search Engine Marketing

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