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Analyze HTML Elements & Microformats w/ Semantic Checker

Analyze HTML Elements & Microformats w/ Semantic Checker

Semantic Checker is a new and still experimental Firefox addon (download it here) highlighting semantic elements in the web page you are currently viewing.

The tool should be used for on-page analysis as well for educational purposes (to see which sites are introducing new HTML elements and microformats, for example).

Here are the elements the tool supports:

Semantic HTML4 elements

  • Shortened words: <abbr> and <acronym> (by the way, if you are wondering about the difference, find it here);
  • Headings: h1-h6;
  • Quoting: blockquote, cite (more info can be found here)
  • Lists: dl, dir, menu (more information here, the latter two are deprecated)
  • Emphasis tags: <em>,<strong>
  • More elements: code, dfn, address, legend, samp

Semantic HTML5 elements

For all those interested, here’s a cool list of HTML5 tags. The tool supports the following ones:

  • Sections: article, aside, header, footer, nav;
  • Content, media, data etc tags : figure, mark, meter, audio, video, progress, time, command, datagrid, details, datalist, keygen, bb, outpu, ruby
  • Input-attributes: datetime, datetime-local, date, month, week, time, number, range, email, url, search, color


  • hCard, hCalendar
  • rel-license, rel-nofollow, rel-tag
  • Vote Links

Now let’s try to use the tool at a number of popular web pages.

Twitter Profile:

Semantic checker Twitter

Facebook Group Page

Semantic Checker: Facebook group

Stumbleupon Favorites Page:

Semantic checker: stumbleupon

My verdict:

I liked the tool for the following of reasons:

  • It’s a great way to track new HTML elements and microformats being implemented;
  • The tool can also be used for on-page diagnostics (to analyze headers, nofollow attribute, etc);
  • The addon is quite invisible: it won’t bug you until you click it.

Note: huge thanks to Webnauts for sharing the tool with me.

The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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Analyze HTML Elements & Microformats w/ Semantic Checker

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