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#SEJThinkTank Webinar Recap: Current Trends in Link Building & Content Marketing

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#SEJThinkTank Webinar Recap: Current Trends in Link Building & Content Marketing

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This month, SEJ’s Marketing ThinkTank welcomed back SEJ Founder Loren Baker and SEJ Chief Social Media Strategist Brent Csutoras to learn about link building and content marketing in the current marketing world.

One Google update after another has left a lot of people confused about what is and isn’t successful. Plus, link building is considered a dirty word by many marketers. Loren covers all of this, and more – including strategies to get more exposure for the content you create.

The webinar finished up with  short Q&A session, where attendees were able to pick Loren’s brain.

If you missed out, or just want to rewatch the presentation, here’s the recap!

Watch the Video Here

Note: Due to a technical issue, the first few minutes of the presentation were cut off. That was mostly the introduction with Brent, but you can view Loren’s slides below to get any information you might have missed. 

View Loren’s Slides

Tools Loren Mentioned

Loren mentioned a ton of really useful tools during the webinar. For your viewing pleasure, they are listed below with a short description of the context in which they were mentioned.

Shared Count

This is a tool that allows you to track links, likes, and more. It is a great way to track your reach.

Light Box

This is a WordPress plugin that makes it much easier to share your images.

Quick Sprout

This is a blog by Neil Patel, which Loren gave as good example of content marketing.


This fantastic platform is a great place to share images and infographics.


This is another great platform for sharing images on social media.


This is a platform used to share presentation slides/PowerPoint decks. You can also take key points from ebooks or presentations and create a deck to share.

Infographic Journal

This is a useful source for all types of infographics. You might consider trying to get your infographic published there for more reach.

Design Taxi

This site is a awesome location for syndicating and promoting infographics.


This is an image and video hosting site where you can share photos, infographics, etc.


This microblogging and social networking platform is another place for you to share visual content and reach your audience.

Loren mentioned this tool in reference to using content to build trust, but it has a lot of other benefits for SEOs, analysts, and entrepreneurs.


“Best of the Web” is one of the few directories that Loren recommends utilizing.

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