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Track Your Page Change with Raven Tools “Event Manager”

Track Your Page Change with Raven Tools “Event Manager”

One of the cool features inside Raven tools is Event manager that lets you track your site changes and the subsequent effect more efficiently.

The Event Manager is available by hovering your mouse over the Dashboard tab and clicking on Event Manager.

Even manager

To create a new event, click “Add event” and provide the following information:

  • Your event title;
  • Your event description;
  • The date of the event.

Let’s say we have changed the title tag of the page and want to track the effect:

Add a new event

Once you’ve clicked on the Add Event button you will be taken to the main Event Manager page containing all of your events. From there, you can tag, edit, or remove any of your events. You can add numerous events – there is no limit.

edit event

For example, if you tagged any of your events you are able to display your events in analytics by their assigned tag.

After some time passes, head over to Google Analytics tab inside your Raven Toolset dashboard (if you have previously connected your Google Analytics to your Raven Tools account) and see the stats changes after your event.

If you hover over your event, you are able to see a display with a description. You also have the option of turning your events off or on:

Events analytics

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Track Your Page Change with Raven Tools “Event Manager”

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