SEJ Update : Introducing Phil Butler, New Editor-In-Chief

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In the next couple of weeks, Search Engine Journal will go through some significant changes : more news when it happens, online marketing intelligence, new trends in SEO, search engine news, mobile search tendencies and even more SEO tips & expert insight.

In other words, SEJ is maturing into more of a magazine, a community and a marketing hub, all under one roof [kind of the way it was when I was editing]

To fulfill this ambitious promise, we’re making changes on many levels, one of which includes naming an Editor-in-Chief.

My longtime friend and colleague Phil Butler will be taking on the helm beginning today. Phil is a veteran blogger and PR guru, a dad and believer in all things digital. Please join me in welcoming him to the SEJ community as our Editor-in-Chief.

Phil Butler in Milan

Phil at a business lunch in Milan

Phil’s expertise spans the whole digital realm. An early stage-startup beta tester, Phil has been around for longer than he actually likes to admit. He tested and worked with emerging search engines like Powerset (pre-Microsoft acquisition) and Hakia, he wrote for some of the most influential publications of the web including ReadWriteWeb, and he pushed EverythingPR to be one of the most influential PR news sites in the world.

Phil also brings along a respected SEO authority, his wife, Mihaela Lica Butler (pictured below), who will act as our SEO news and mobile editor. In a nod to the times, we will have a specially designated MOBILE SEO category, where all the good marketing tips of this genre will find a home.

Mihaela Lica Butler on the Mosel River

Mihaela Lica Butler

Phil and Mihaela are longtime SEJ readers and contributors, and are dedicated to making your SEJ experience better. Get in touch, talk to them, tell them what you expect or what you’ve always wanted to see 🙂

Meanwhile Melissa Fach, SEJ’s managing editor and a good friend of mine, is moving onwards. Congratulations to Melissa, and I am thankful and appreciative of her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for SEJ over the last year.

SEJ is a much better blog than it was when I reached out to her to work on turning it around, and I hold her in high regard for achieving that task.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Phil Butler


    Of course you know the regard I personally have for you, SEJ, and the fabulous tech things that have come, will come, our way. The work you have done, your colleagues at SEJ have done, is vital to an informed web. The bottom line is you have added great value for people Loren. You know we will do our dead level best to emulate here.

    To all the SEJ readers and authors, I sincerely want and need to hear your feedback. Those who know me, know I am sincere in this. “Talk” about a conversational Internet is not in, never has been, in my game plan. You each have a voice, just know there are people who want to hear you, amplify your ideas.

    Prone to texts that are often too long, I will cut short what should be a HUGE thanks to Loren and a bunch of my fellow callaborators. For now just let me say Mihaela and I, everyone at SEJ, we are thrilled to take the next steps on a great journey we have all be on.

    To Melissa Fach, who has so obviously done a superior job helping grow SEJ, I sincerely wish “Godspeed” and all the best things in her new endeavors.

    Thanks Loren, and expect 43 times more instant messages now.


    • Jan Jekielek

      Congratulations on the appointment, Phil, from myself and everyone over at The Epoch Times! Looking forward to seeing more great things!

    • Neal Rodriguez

      Congratulations, Phil! Your persistence and charming manner will take SEJ far!

      All the best,

  • Simonas SEO

    Congratulations Phil!
    Your are the best choice for this position.
    Your young ideas will bring more and more readers here.

  • Pinks

    I am glad and happy for both of you 🙂 I am honored I worked with you 🙂 Love you both!

  • Alina Popescu

    Mig and Phil, congratulations and good luck with this new endeavor! As a long time SEJ fan and I am looking forward to see what’s coming next. I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing 🙂

  • Steve Poppe

    Congratulations SEJ and Phil. The social media world is made up of Posters and Pasters. Phil, you are a Poster with a magnificent pedigree. Keep being original — and don’t forget to feed those Pasters. Hee hee.

  • Kristen Nicole

    Congrats! Well-deserved promotion Phil. 🙂

  • matthew

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congratulations, Phil! I look forward to seeing more of your insight and opinions in the coming months.

  • Riza Berkan

    Congratulations Phil
    Your vision and patience will take SEJ to the next level, I sincerely believe and support you all the way!

  • Scott Krager

    Congrats Phil! Reminds me I need to get a post into SEJ that’s been kicking around!

    I’m loving the fresh SEJ design. Best of luck and keep on growing!

  • Jim McNiel

    Congratulations to Phil and SEJ. I look forward to see what the next chapter at SEJ will look like. We all need help and optimizing our web dollars, I look forward to learning new ideas from Phil and his team.


  • glenn gutierrez

    Phil’s writing and commentary on the latest happenings online are not only innovative, but are also eerily practical in application. I think that paradox of big idea and direct application serve as a testament to journalistic awesomeness.

    I think Search Engine Journal scored a home run with Phil as the Editor in Chief and I’m looking forward to seeing SEJ take the swing at even bigger, meatier and all around more hard hitting content.

    But in my eyes, what takes SEJ from a good news site to a great one, is their subtle way of positioning themselves for trends before they blow up. For all the other SEJ readers out there, I kid you not… Mobile is going to be the next wave. We’re not sure how it will all shape up, but keep this in mind…

    Mihaela was an early adopter among journalists and covered the topic well before SEO became a common catch phrase among every marketer. Now that she’s spearheading the mobile search space, I think SEJ readers are in for a treat and an unfair competitive advantage. This is the place to get news, make waves, take names, and leave every other marketer in the dust.

    I can’t wait to see what happens at SEJ. It just keeps getting bigger and better.

    Congrats to All!

  • Pamela Whitby

    Congratulations Phil! I may only have known you for a short time but I feel sure you are going to do a great job here and I really look forward to working with you in the future.

  • Juha Huttunen

    Congrats Phil! SEJ definitely got a passionate editor in chief. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this brings with it!

  • Ronn Torossian

    Phil – Great news! Congrats on the new role. It is well-deserved and you will definitely be a great asset to SEJ. Bigger and better… best of luck to a great man. -Ronn Torossian

  • Al

    Good article , I’ve known Phil and Mig for years , they are the best in the business, and excellent writers too ! I’ll be tweeting, googling and facebooking your post.


  • ilker yoldas

    Congratulations! Looking forward to see new posts on SEJ.

  • Paul Rogers

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing how SEJ will evolve in the coming months.

    Good luck!


  • Chris Abraham

    Congrats, my buddy — what excellent news! You had told me that you had something double secret to tell me about some cool stuff that was coming around the bend — and this is particularly brilliant. Why? Well, you love this site and you’re already a rockstar contributor. Couldn’t happen to a nicer lad.

  • Theodore Koumelis

    I wish all the best to this cooperation. Phil and Michaela are excellent professionals and I am always positively surprised from their efficiency, their fast reaction and the quality of the content they provide.

  • Bob Jones

    I’m not sure who to congratulate, SEJ for managing to secure Phil, or Phil for getting an awesome gig at SEJ 🙂
    Well done to the both of you I guess!

  • Joachim Paasche

    Congrats Phil. Looking forward to reading your posts. This is a really great addition for SEJ. Best, Joachim

  • Frank Strong

    Indeed, congratulations, Phil and Mig — SEO and PR go together!

  • Violeta-Loredana Pascal

    Mihaela, Phil, congratulations to you both! Good luck in finding the best topics and delivering awesome articles for us, your fans and SEJ readers.

  • Martin

    Congratulations Phil and Michaela, well deserved. Am proud to work with you!! Keep up the great work.

  • Thomas Magnuson

    Everyone at Magnuson Worldwide and Global Hotel Exchange sends their very best wishes and congratulations to Phil and Mig – 2 of the smartest people we have ever worked with. No doubt that all SEJ readers will benefit from their relentless quest to uncover the truth and share their knowledge across the globe. Bring it on!

  • John Raul Joven II

    Congratulations! Phil and Mig!
    Looking forward to reading your articles.

  • Britt Klontz

    Congrats, Phil & Mig! You two are a great team and will bring much success to SEJ 🙂

  • Patrick Lor

    Congrats Phil and Mihaela – really looking forward to your great insights on SEJ!

  • Gerti Boshnjaku

    Dear Phil and Mig!
    This is very good news:) I feel happy for this next step for you both.
    I suppose you will bring to SEJ a lot of innovation given your experience.

    Looking forward to reading and sharing your articles.
    Keep in mind that is there available in order to support your online activities.
    Wishing you sincerely a succesful start:)

  • Andrea Risa

    Many Congratulations to both of you!! well done! excellent team coming on board.

  • Phil Butler

    I don’t often blush, but I am really, really humbled by all your kind words. Expect great things, that is the only way they are ever delivered.