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SearchWebMedia Multimedia and Web Search Engine – Spotlight #7

SearchWebMedia Multimedia and Web Search Engine – Spotlight #7

GoFish Technologies has unveiled what it calls “the first search engine of its kind to simultaneously deliver integrated web and multimedia search results”. serves music, video, podcasts, ringtones, audiobooks, and user-generated content in a Multimedia Results box at the top of its search results page followed by Google powered web search results.

The set up kind of reminds me of the Ask Jeeves “Smart Boxes” or the local and media search integration AOL has worked on with its Google powered engine. With the popularity of multimedia search rising, this is an interesting use of GoFish’s multimedia search index. Affiliate sales partnerships with film and music distributors help to monetize GoFish’s offerings. I wonder how well this would work integrated into blog search?

About 36 million Americans, or 27% of Internet users, said they download music or video files regularly, according to Pew Internet & American Life Project, but the essential “search” function for these kinds of multimedia objects still does not exist online. Enter GoFish Technologies.

“This is the logical next-step in online search,” said Michael Downing, co-founder and CEO of GoFish Technologies. “The volume of available multimedia across the Internet has grown rapidly to represent one of the last remaining un-mapped categories of content that consumers are increasingly spending time searching for, yet, until now, no one has offered a platform to easily access it. With we are delivering an easy and straightforward way in which consumers can experience total visibility into the world of web content and multimedia in one place.”

“Intelligently integrating multiple content streams — digital songs, music videos, ringtones, podcasts, and text content — into coherent and easy-to-navigate search results will be a permanent differentiator for digital media content providers,” said Mike McGuire, research director with Gartner’s Industries Media team. “Portals and content companies would be wise to invest in the next stage of search as it will continue to be encouraged and supported by the growth of the digital media ecosystem.”

Hmmm… is SearchWebMedia really the the first search engine of its kind to simultaneously deliver integrated web and multimedia search results? Comments welcome below.

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SearchWebMedia Multimedia and Web Search Engine – Spotlight #7

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