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Search For Singles Hotties Using Google Maps

Search For Singles Hotties Using Google Maps

Talk about using the Google Maps API for the good of mankind. San Francisco software firm Frozenbear has combined the Google Mapping technology with the site to help Americans find hotties by zip code at “HotOrNot + Google Maps”. The ability to pinpoint the location of a hottie looking for a good fling is a bit freaky due to the amount of stalkers on the web, but these HotOrNot babes have already chosen the path of displaying themselves online, and locations are identified via Zip Code and not street addresses.

Looking for some hotties in your area, both male and female? 925.M figures that the ability to look for hot singles in your area via a Google Maps Mash is just the beginning.

From 925.M : “Combining Google Maps with the guilty pleasure “Hot-or-Not” service (a play-thing which lets you rate and date local hotties or notties; it also released its API to allow developers to build on the existing software) you can now enter your ZIP code, gender and sexual preference into the mash-up to see, via a plethora of balloons, where your neighboring hotties are located. Click on each balloon and a picture and link through to more info about dateables in your area pops up on the screen.”

Google and Yahoo Map Mashups are growing in popularity as developers find new uses of the application. Another recent Google Maps oriented tool is GVisit which lets webmasters track the location of visitors to their site on a Google Map interface.

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Search For Singles Hotties Using Google Maps

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