How Search Engines Work

Learn how search engines work when you read Search Engine Journal’s brand new ebook.

Want to optimize your site the right way and set yourself up for success? Then it’s critical to know how search engines operate today.

Written by Search Engine Journal VIP contributor Dave Davies, How Search Engines Work, tackles how search engines function and the key factors that influence search engine results pages.

In partnership with HigherVisibility, we created this ebook for SEO pros who want to strengthen their technical SEO knowledge.

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How Search Engines Work is divided into nine easy-to-digest chapters:

  • Chapter 1: How Search Engines Crawl & Index: Everything You Need to Know
  • Chapter 2: How (& Why) Search Engines Render Pages
  • Chapter 3: How Search Engine Algorithms Work: Everything You Need to Know
  • Chapter 4: How Search Engines Rank Pages
  • Chapter 5: How Machine Learning in Search Works: Everything You Need to Know
  • Chapter 6: How User Behavior In Search Works: Everything You Need to Know
  • Chapter 7: How Search Engines Display Search Results
  • Chapter 8: How Search Engines Answer Direct Answers with ‘Useful Responses’ & Rich Results
  • Chapter 9: How Universal Search Works