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Search Engines: Less Drugs, More Sex

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Search Engines: Less Drugs, More Sex

Recently Google, AOL, and Overture have tightened down on search advertisements for diet drugs and other sketchy drug and pharmacy ads, but are easing up on sex advertisements.

Yahoo and America Online have even changed their policies to earn more money from Internet searches related to pornography, the most popular form of paid content on the Internet.

According to the New York Times: In October, America Online started earning money from searches for pornography on its search site.

Now, a search for a sexual term on AOL returns a page noting that the search might produce “adult” content. This page gives the user two options. The first, presented in larger type, offers to hunt for the term using “Adult Search Fantasy Finder,” which is described as “an independent adult search service.” The second choice is to use AOL’s own search service, which is provided mostly by Google.

Both options can quickly lead to pornography, but the search results provided by Google do not have advertising or otherwise produce revenue for America Online. (Google does sell ads related to sexual terms on its own site.) But Andrew Weinstein, an AOL spokesman, said that Adult Search Fantasy Finder paid AOL to receive online traffic from its search site.

We’ll be following how Google, Yahoo, and AOL open up to sex and search.


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