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Search Engine Strategies Tokyo & Yahoo Search Marketing

Search Engine Strategies Tokyo & Yahoo Search Marketing

After three hours of train travel and navigating the underground corridors of Tokyo’s subway and train stations, I’ve finally made it to Search Engine Strategies Tokyo which has proven thus far to be a worthwhile experience. Although the introductory theme of the Keynote speech was Yahoo Social Search and the main track today seems to be focused around blog & social networking applications in Japan – Search Engine Marketing is the driving force behind the conference.

Yahoo Japan and Overture have a strong presence here today as Yahoo is, as I have said many times, more or less the PC based Internet here in Japan and is growing in its mobile share.

Vish Makhijani is currently addressing the crowd (in English!) on his background in Yahoo Search Marketing which began with Inktomi. Vish is the Vice President of Yahoo Search Marketing International and will be discussing the role of social search, mobile search, brand building and ROI in search marketing.

Overture & Yahoo! Japan Driving Mobile Search

Mobile market is big in Japan, which is leading the world in mobile usage. 3G usage has reached 50 million in the Japanese market and flat rate pricing is building great opportunity here in Japan. Vish says that Overture and Yahoo is leading the way in Mobile search marketing in Japan.

Vish says that Yahoo Search Marketing will be leveraging older and developing technologies to grow Overture & Yahoo’s hold in the Japanese Mobile Search market. Mobile demographic is young and crosses multiple channels such as Sports, News and Shopping. Mobile advertising opportunities include Click to Call and Local targeted marketing. Yahoo Japan Mobile includes Yahoo Japan, MSN Japan, and Vish says advertisers are seeing excellent results and great feedback and expects to see continued success.

Search Marketing: Drive Your Brand

Search is currently expanding upon its ROI base with driving strong brand advertising and an “incredible traffic opportunity on which to build.” While large brand advertisers are spending an incredible amount of money in other forms of media, Yahoo Search Marketing is working on bringing that revenue into the Search Marketing industry.

Vish uses the College Student demographic as an example and a recent Yahoo Life Series study on this search oriented audience which breathes life into the Yahoo Life Engine slogan (and social media).

* College students are overwhelmed by media.

* Number of messages being consumed per day is growing at a staggering rate.

* College students spend a lot of time online and multitasking (IM’ing and watching TV and listening to music)

* Importance on Life Events : Life Events drive adoption; finding apartment, blogging, booking your vacation, choosing a university or grad school, searching for your first job

* Advertisers are having a difficult time choosing which media to broadcast their message

* Research included not letting college students search online for two weeks.. people lost their way without search. College students have an emotional attachment to search.

* 89% of college students use the Internet as their first location for conducting research and finding decision making information

* Internet more critical to everyday life to this group than cell phones or television

* Social search & Yahoo Answers tap into collective knowledge of these groups, expanding beyond friends and family

* Spend more time using search than seeking other forms of information from other people or media

* Extremely influential in purchasing decision and discovering & exposing new brands at the right place & right time

* After leaving college, group’s search usage increases heavily

* 81% of college students rate search as their best source of information, followed by friends and family (64%), newspaper (36%) and TV (24%)

* Students critical of advertisers

* Decisions made during college are lifetime decisions

* Again, Search is a critical part of the lives of these students

Vish Makhijani also reviewed the Honda Ridgeline campaign which was run over Yahoo Search during the launch of the Honda pickup in the US market.

Honda built an integrated search media campaign which included an emphasis on relevant keyword bidding, targeted ad copy, & aggressive bidding.

The results of the campaign were 18 million advertisement impressions, 200,000 referred visitors to the Honda Ridgeline site, which was their number one source of traffic. More information on the Honda campaign can be found at iMedia Connection.

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Search Engine Strategies Tokyo & Yahoo Search Marketing

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