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Search Engine Strategies San Jose Overview

Search Engine Strategies San Jose Overview

Search Engine Strategies has come to an end and its time for everyone to gather up their freebies, pack up, and head back to their search engine marketing jobs with oodles and oodles of new information and interesting ideas derived from the search engine fest of 2005. As we’ve mentioned before, unfortunately we could not make it this year to San Jose, but are planning on attending SES New York and SES Tokyo in 2006. That is, if the new owners of Search Engine Strategies consider one of the popular Search Engine News sites to be a member of the press.

Some of the biggest news stories to come out of the Search Engine Strategies Conference centered around the major search engines. Google is developing a quasi-behaviral targeting option for Google AdSense which does not seem to be cookie based (instead publisher opinion based), Yahoo is testing its own contextual advertising network and now has a search index of over 20 billion items, Ask Jeeves and MSN Search are both launching new paid search interfaces, Verizon is getting into Pay-Per-Call search advertising, and has been launched by Interchange to compete with Yahoo and Google in the Local Search market.

There was a bit of coverage of the SES San Jose Conference with Search Views, Web Pro News, and, of course, Search Engine Roundtable. Additionally, Barry ran down a great list of sessions covered by SERoundtable:

Mobile Search
Search Algorithms: The Patent Files
Weird Science: The Next Generation in Media Planning and Buying
Earning From Search & Contextual Ads
Eye of the Storm: Lessons from Large Search Marketers

Searcher Behavior Research Update
Search APIs
Personalized Search & Search History
Vertical Creep Into Regular Results
From Broad to Specific: Capitalizing on vertical search and other niche publishing opportunities.

Competitive Research
Keynote Conversation with Ask Jeeves’s Steve Berkowitz
RSS, Blogs & Search Marketing
Fun with Dynamic Sites
Ad Management: Do Humans matter?

Should You Chase The Algorithm?
Link Building Basics
Landing Page Testing & Tuning
Ad Reps: Friend or Foe? – How to Handle Situations with Search Engines Going Direct to Your Clients
Indexing Summit 2: Redirects, Titles & Descriptions

Search Engine Advertising Forum
Converting Visitors Into Buyers
Local Search Marketing Tactics
Executive Roundtable with Search Engine Executives
Advanced Linking Strategies
Site ECG

Buying and Selling Links
Usability Clinic
Search Engine Q&A On Links
B2B Tactics
– Organic Listings Forum.

If you attended SES San Jose and would like to leave some feedback on the conference, the speakers, the exhibitors, the parties or whatever .. please feel free to post below.

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Search Engine Strategies San Jose Overview

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