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Search Engine Strategies New York Interviews and Meeting Times

Search Engine Strategies New York Interviews and Meeting Times

Search Engine Strategies New York Interviews and Meeting Times

My cellular phone has been ringing off the hook over the past couple of days with public relations reps from multiple search engine optimization and marketing companies who will be either presenting or set up in a booth at the Search Engine Strategies Conference next week in New York City (SES NY). This must be one of the delights of being on the Search Engine Strategies Press List, the ability to pick and choose between search, adware, marketing, and news companies along with the chance to mingle with CEO’s.

My time is going to be quite scarce during the 3 1/2 days or conferences, seminars, and trying to meet others in the search engine and search engine news world. As a result, I’m having to turn down a lot of interviews.

One option I thought about but kind of tossed it off in my warped idea department was taking a permanent day long seat at the Hilton Hotel bar, setting up my laptop and a sign, and having CEO’s and PR Reps drop by to the bar, buy me a drink, and spill their guts to the Search Engine Journal. It would be quite efficient, but my liver may never forgive me.

However, in order to diversify the companies whch I’ll be chatting with (so far Yahoo, AlmondNet, and some other search engines) and also spreading the word about Search Engine Journal, I’m open to setting up some appointments with companies who will email me their SES Booth # and times of availability.

I’d like to speak with representatives from Ask Jeeves and MSN while also trying to work in some folks who are working on projects such as Local Search and GeoTargeted Search Marketing, Content Distribution, New Site Linking Ideas, Blog Search, RSS, and Music/Multimedia Search. Again, please feel free to email me and I’ll try to set up a time which works for you and myself. If not, I’ll be sure to set up an email questionairre or run into you at the cocktail parties (my picture to the left).

– Loren Baker, Editor, Search Engine Journal and Owner of the Blog Search Engine

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Search Engine Strategies New York Interviews and Meeting Times

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