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Search Engine Strategies Coverage – Mobile Search

Search Engine Strategies Coverage – Mobile Search

Search Engine Roundtable is covering the Search Engine Strategies conference (about 75% of the sessions) which began today in San Jose, California. Unfortunately, I cannot attend and cover live for Search Engine Journal like the New York show,but Barry Schwartz and company are doing an excellent job from the start. The first session covered was Mobile Search which was moderated by Detlev Johnson. Detlev describes Mobile SEarch as “delivering services down to a cell phone but also can mean a small screen device like a PDA.”

On the panel was Yahoo’s Mihir Shah, Directory of Product Management, Google’s Deep Nishar, Director of Product Management, AOL Mobile’s Ken Thomas, Nokia’s Matthew Snyder, and Resource Shelf’s Gary Price. Yahoo has some interesting mobile stats “379 million Yahoo users are mobile. Yahoo has 15 mobile products available across hundreds of mobile devices (communication, information and games). They have developed 50+ relationships with wireless vendors.”

Gary Price, a dedicated mobile user, reviewed more offerings beyond the Googles, Yahoo’s, and AOL’s of the mobile world “ (SMS),, synfonic, (Gary goes through some of these products and discusses benefits of them). Specialty Tools; FeedBeep (RSS via SMS),,, SMS Traffic Alerts via MSN Auto, (makes Web pages load better on mobile), Bloglines Mobile (its great), Nextaris Mobile, Winksite (create a mobile “space”), nextBlast (live DC video traffic optimized for mobil), TrafficLand, (copy/paste, send from Outlook, SMS-based).” To review the coverage of the Mobile Search session, visit Barry’s post at Search Engine Roundtable.

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Search Engine Strategies Coverage – Mobile Search

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