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Search Engine Journal’s Spotlight of 500 Search Engines

Search Engine Journal’s Spotlight of 500 Search Engines

Search Engine Journal has now been in existence for over two years now and we’ve been having a great time reporting on aspects of the search engine world including SEO, SEM, Local Search, Portals, and of course Yahoo, MSN, Google, and Ask Jeeves. Additionally, Feedster, Bloglines, IceRocket, LookSmart, Blinkx and others have made it into our news archives on a frequent basis. However, sometimes we have the tendency to overlook a lot of the smaller, more niche oriented search engines on the market, and feel such engines deserve the spotlight of news coverage.

I’ve been following Duncan Riley’s 100 Blogs in 100 Days on the Blog Herald and have decided to follow Duncan’s inspiration and a little of Feedster’s love for numbers with the Spotlight of 500 Search Engines Campaign. Search Engine Journal will be reviewing 500 search engines and search oriented directories with information on the engines, their niche markets, and their direction. We hope to discuss these search engines with their owners and programmers, and ideally, after all 500 have been reviewed, release our master Spotlight of 500 Search Engines list.

In order to expedite the search engine research, we’re asking our readers and search engine owners to email us with search engines you would like to see in the Spotlight of 500 Search Engines. Don’t be shy, please mail us the search engine URL, description, your contact information, and any traits or offerings which make the search engine special. With a goal of 500 search engines to review in one year, we’ll need all the help we can get. Who knows, maybe we’ll have to expand the list.

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Search Engine Journal’s Spotlight of 500 Search Engines

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