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Search Engine Journal Merges with Search & Social, LLC

Search Engine Journal Merges with Search & Social, LLC

I am very happy to announce today that Search Engine Journal and our client services division has taken a new direction, merging with Search & Social, the company founded by Dave Snyder & Jordan Kasteler, to form a new full service online marketing and media firm; Search & Social Media, LLC.

Dave, Jordan and myself are now equal partners at the new Search & Social (here’s more about us on the S&S site), which offers complete and well rounded search & social media marketing services along with a new emerging network of media properties built around the Search Engine Journal media network.

I first started working with Dave and Jordan a little less than a year ago with the Scary SEO mini-conference, and had known Jordan for years via the ‘searchosphere’. We instantly gelled as good friends and have a lot of respect for each other and our backgrounds and expertise as search marketers. Futhermore, we all add something different into the mix, all with backgrounds in SEO, and our own individual expertise in link building, social media, blogger outreach, Twitter, public relations and paid search.

I’ve been waiting for a day like today and a partnership like this for a long time. Not only do we gel on a business scale and friendship scale, but our families also get along and share our vision, which is incredibly important to all of us.

Not many readers know this, but I have a select group of clients which, under my guidance, successfully compete in some of the more competitive markets in organic search – ranging from online banking to home improvement to some of the really crazy verticals. Over the past year, I’ve turned to Dave and Jordan for their social media expertise to help with some of those accounts, and likewise, I’ve assisted them on the SEO and linking side of things. Also, as many of you do know, the three of us launched back in 2008 and pulled off one of the coolest and most informative conferences in years, IM Spring Break.

It was at IM Spring Break we decided to make it official, and blend all of our services, tools and media properties into one company and focused direction, under the new Search & Social Media, LLC. And I can honestly say, we now have a MAJOR portfolio of clients and the scalability needed for developing an all encompassing marketing firm, with a team of 10 in-house employees and an army of solid and trusted contractors (many of which are SEJ contributors), who we all know well and have worked with for years.

Under the new Search & Social, our core services include :

  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion across power accounts within Digg, Stumble, Delicious and other niche targeted social media networks
  • Effective and targeted link building via blogger outreach, research, content contribution and other in-house methods
  • Integrated social media marketing and targeted link building into one encompassing campaign (our specialty)
  • On-site SEO which includes site audits by some of the best in the business and the restructuring of site architecture for search engines
  • Paid Search Management and Online Advertising Media Buying from the S&S Team
  • Management of Google Webmaster Tools and other search engine accounts
  • Feed management amongst shopping search engines AND Yahoo Search Paid Inclusion
  • Online public relations and blogger outreach, with an emphasis on search or “Web 2.0” related companies
  • Content creation for traditional websites or content creation and management for business blogs
  • Targeted advertising campaigns across Search Engine Journal and our other Marketing properties

If you are interested in our services, whether all or just a few, please feel free to call us at 1-888-420-4SEO or check out our SEO Services

What does this mean for Search Engine Journal?

There are going to be some major changes in store for SEJ! First and foremost, we’re about 3 weeks away from a major site overhaul and design relaunch. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it is difficult for one man to steer the ship of SEJ and manage a search services firm, so now we have the power of three behind the site and have also brought on Ann Smarty, our Director of Media, to manage SEJ and our columnists.

The new SEJ will also have many different social attributes which focus on open communication and the ability to have questions answered and seek help from our readers. We will be a much more open community spanning beyond the blog and onto different SEJ properties and social media destinations.

Also, expect more contributions from our audience, industry professionals, thoughts from those outside of search and multimedia integration. The future looks very bright for SEJ 🙂

For your enjoyment, here’s our official press release which is being sent out today :

Search Engine Journal Merges with Search & Social, LLC

Tampa, FL May 18, 2009 – Search Engine Journal Inc, parent company of, announced it would be merging with search and social media marketing services company Search & Social today. The new Search & Social Media, LLC will

be both a services and media company, looking to bring a new level of excellence to the industry in both areas.

Search Engine Journal is one of the top ten blogs in Advertising Age’s Power 150, and has been bringing the search marketing community news and commentary since 2003.

Loren Baker, the founder of Search Engine Journal, Inc and editor of, said of the merger, “In David Snyder and Jordan Kasteler, I’ve found two trusted partners in search marketing that have complimentary visions and search marketing expertise. With the diverse and focused skillset behind the new Search & Social, Search Engine Journal will become three times as strong and together, Search & Social can offer more services to our portfolio of SEO & Social clients.”

Search & Social is a leading search and social media marketing company founded by respected marketers David Snyder and Jordan Kasteler. “The addition of Search Engine Journal Inc. to the Search & Social family makes us not only a powerful media provider in the industry, it also allows us to add Loren Baker, who is one of the best link builders and online press strategists in the industry, and his team to our service offerings,” stated David Snyder.

The new Search & Social will include state of the industry service offerings in areas such as social media marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization, link building, and online press strategies. The company will also offer search and social media marketing news, analysis, and education through, and its conference series, which includes IM Spring Break and Scary SEO.

“We’re excited to partner with such a great team to bring more excellence to the Internet marketing community via our events and even more value to our clients,” stated Co-Founder of Search & Social Jordan Kasteler.

About Search & Social:

Search & Social is owned and operated by leading search and social media marketers Jordan Kasteler, Loren Baker, and David Snyder. The company offers both media and services related to search and social media marketing. and rank among the companies top news and analysis properties. The company also offers services and training in areas such as link building, social media marketing, online press strategies, search engine optimization, and online reputation management. For more information on the company and its offerings email or call 1-888-420-4736.

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Search Engine Journal Merges with Search & Social, LLC

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