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Search Engine Journal Editor Positions Available

Search Engine Journal Editor Positions Available

Search Engine Journal is looking for SEJ Editors who can contribute search engine related news from day to day. If you are a search engine blogger, or work in the search engine marketing field and would like to contribute to the Search Engine Journal, please contact me at with links to current works and relevant experience.

We are looking for SEJ Editors who are experienced in the fields of :
* Local Search
* Video Search
* World of 2.0/Blog/Mashups

Contributing to the Search Engine Journal will add to the online recognition and marketing of yourself, business, or services. Search Engine Journal’s syndication and readership speaks for itself.

* Search Engine Journal has been featured on NPR Radio,, Google Friends and Froogle Newsletters, Google AdWords, Inc. Magazine, CNET, Business Week, Online Journalism Review, ZDNet,, Computing Magazine, and Slashdotted multiple times.

* We currently are hovering around an Alexa Ranking of 10,000, meaning that, according to Alexa, we are in the top 10,000 popular sites on the Internet.

* Search Engine Journal also made the Feedster Top 500’s premier 100 blogs for November, ranking at #93 among all of the Feedster indexed blogs on the blogosphere.

* Our search engine news is syndicated on premier Internet News channels including Yahoo News, Google News, and MSN News.

We will be reviewing the credentials of bloggers and writers who would like to contribute to Search Engine Journal and contacting Editors for the position after Search Engine Strategies New York.

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Search Engine Journal Editor Positions Available

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