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Search Engine Journal Booted From Yahoo Search!?

Search Engine Journal Booted From Yahoo Search!?

Last weekend Priyank Garg, the Product Manager of Yahoo Search, made a post to the Yahoo Search Blog about a new update in which he revealed, and I quote; “As a result, you may see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index.”

When reading Mr. Garg’s statement on the YSearchBlog I immediately assumed that he was referring to the worthless spam sites indexed within Yahoo Search would be identified and excluded from the index. I never thought that my own site however, would be left out of Yahoo Search as a result of the update. This thread found on v7n today led me to do some ego searching in Yahoo, and I can say that I’m a bit puzzled by the results (and no John, I do not think Zawodny is the culprit).

A quick search for “” on Yahoo Search returns this result:

We did not find results for “”

Also try:

* Check your spelling.
* If the URL is valid, try visiting that web page by clicking on the following link:
* This might be an outdated URL. Previous versions may be archived at the Internet Archive.

Various other searches also lead to no inclusion of this site in Yahoo Search Results.

I also looked into other forms of searches in Yahoo’s index to see if there is some sort of flaw. Here’s what I found:

* Yahoo still reports sites that link to Search Engine Journal in its results.

* SEJ is still indexed in Yahoo News.

* We’re still listed in the Yahoo Blog Search results.

* One can even subscribe to our blog via adding us to My Yahoo or even sign up for Yahoo News Alerts for mentions of “Search Engine Journal” in Y!News.

* You can find screenshots and images from SEJ indexed in Yahoo Image Search.

* And finally, if you read the Y! Search Blog you’ll see that we’re listed and linked to in the Industry Sources section.

My conclusion is that for some odd reason, Search Engine Journal is indexed in almost every section of Yahoo and even linked to from the Yahoo! Search Blog, but currently not indexed in Yahoo! Search.

Can anyone think of an explanation for this? (Especially someone from Yahoo)

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Search Engine Journal Booted From Yahoo Search!?

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