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Search Engine Giving Away $5 Million in Advertising

Search Engine Giving Away $5 Million in Advertising

Search engine hit the Internet today with an unusual marketing approach that matches its unusual advertising model. The new search engine is giving away $5,000,000 in advertising through its Flat Rate Placement program to introduce advertisers to its new advertising model. is the only major search engine with a flat, predictable rate for keyword advertising.

Flat Rate Placement is designed to attract advertisers tired of limited affordable keywords and the costly problem of click fraud. is giving out Prepaid Advertising Cards worth $250 in Flat Rate Placement to 20,000 advertisers at various Internet, media, and business-related trade shows.

“The response to the $250 Flat Rate Placement cards has been phenomenal,” says Nick Raba, Tygo’s Director of Technology. “Advertisers feel they’ve been getting gouged by traditional pay per click programs and they really seem to appreciate a more predictable way to advertise.”

The company generates revenue from a combination of advertising and submission fees. offers web site owners free lifetime submission to its directory. There is a one time set up fee of $19.95 but no charge any year after.

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Search Engine Giving Away $5 Million in Advertising

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