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RSSMicro : New RSS & Blog Search Engine Project

RSSMicro : New RSS & Blog Search Engine Project

Babak Hamidi of Aliso, California emailed me yesterday with a sneak preview of his new search engine RSSMicro. Babak, an independent software & database developer, has been working on developing RSSMicro for the past 6 months and feels “it is able to surpass conventional search engines in terms of efficiency and accuracy by providing relevant keywords in which the users can narrow down the search results.”

Here’s what Babak has to say about RSSMicro:

My search engine code name “ferdos” is potentially capable to pin point one single item among millions of records in a matter of seconds.

As an Internet technology researcher, I anticipate a decline in conventional search engine usability if certain steps are not undertaken. By the massive adoption of Internet technologies such as AJAX, conventional search engines such as Google or MSN will hit a wall. Their search technology fundamentals are extremely tight to the URLs which their crawlers find on the websites, while AJAX does not necessarily correspond contents on a website to a URL.

Luckily, the search engines combined do not seem big enough to stop this trend. [Microsoft’s Windows Live] is a very small part of this trend. You can find that Google is not able to index one single piece of the content on a website like that which has extremely interactive, user-aware functionalities (click here). In other words, these search engines are missing an increasingly big portion of the Internet contents provided on these websites.

A new wave of content distribution methodology such as RSS Feed, currently a standard for distributing news and blogs, are expanding to cover every single product, service, or piece of information available on the Internet. The change in the search fundamentals on these conventional search engines is not impossible. It appears likely that it will require extensive investment and re-building of all the tools and processes in order for it to function properly.

My search engine has been customized to index and search an extensive RSS Feed directory with some unique features and functionalities.

At first glance, I’m finding that for RSS / Blog search, RSSMicro is very spam free, splog free. Probably because as Babak states RSSMicro uses a directory of RSS Feeds for building its index. Most major blog search engines do not offer these kind of clean results, possibly because although directories of RSS Feeds sacrifice range of sources for what they make up in quality. Another high quality blog search engine which RSSMicro reminds me of is BOTW Blog Search, which uses the BOTW Blog directory as its quality index.

RSSMicro’s results seem to be as relevant as they are quality, which is another plus and backs Babak’s theory. In addition, RSSMicro offers clustering, user seach history and although I found it slow or not responding at times, the interface is simple, clean and quite user friendly.

Babak is looking for feedback on his search engine and technology, so please take the chance to give RSSMicro a spin and post your opinions, experience and critique in the comments below.

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RSSMicro : New RSS & Blog Search Engine Project

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