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Revenue Sharing Blogs, Forums, and Networks

Revenue Sharing Blogs, Forums, and Networks

With just about every blogger or web publisher having a Google AdSense account these days, one method of growing the reach of one’s ads is to participate in forums, blogs, and other sites which have implemented an AdSense driven content growth model.

By letting the writers of content, articles, forum threads and blogs benefit from the revenue earned via AdSense and other forms of contextual advertising, projects like Squidoo and Gather are attracting active writers. Such a revenue sharing model has gone beyond the blog network or forum arena, as Yahoo Answers is expected to share Yahoo Publisher Network revenue with its contributors and MSN is sharing Kanoodle driven revenue with MSN Spaces bloggers.

For those looking to expand their article distribution and linking campaigns while adding to the fatness of their wallets, AdMoolah has put together a list of Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites. The list includes such destinations as Digital Point Fourms and Blogger Party. Some sites give 100% earnings while some rotate code for 50% earnings or 75%; AdMoolah has a nice rundown of the percentage earned on each site.

With search engines like Google giving a cold stare on paid linking and reciprocal campaigns, I wonder how search engines will react in the next 18 months over paid content via revenue sharing or paying an outright fee per contributed group blog or network article.

While duplicate content may lead to omitted results, will articles posted for the sake of revenue sharing follow in the same direction?

Then again, what’s the difference between this and hiring a copywriter, paying reporters, or contracting a freelance writer?

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Revenue Sharing Blogs, Forums, and Networks

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