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Yahoo Publisher Network Banning Some Accounts

Yahoo Publisher Network Banning Some Accounts

You can really tell a contextual advertising network is growing when their quality control personel begin to ban questionable publishers. Barry @ Search Engine Roundtable points to some forum threads which conjer up memories of when Google AdSense began to grow and cut out publishers.

Various threds are being started from publishers who have received this message from Yahoo Publisher Network :

We have terminated your Yahoo! Publisher Network beta account [ACCOUNT ID] for breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or Program Policies. Your breach includes but may not be limited to sending traffic from users located outside the United States, in violation of Section 11(l) of the Terms and Conditions. In accord with Section 6(a), we will not include such amounts in your payment. We have refunded amounts generated from the non-US users to our advertisers and will pay any remaining amount owed to you in accord with the Terms and Conditions.

I spoke to Yahoo Publisher Network a couple of weeks ago and one of their key differentiation points when compared to Google AdSense was quality. Quality publishers, quality results, quality advertisers and quality customer service.

I wonder if this is a demonstration of what Yahoo means by keeping YPN a close and manageable quality service?

Barry adds “People take this to mean that Yahoo! will ban people if the site gets international traffic. But it seems to me to mean that there was unusual click activity from outside of the US.”

Seems like publishers which get an extra inch or so with splogging and questionable clicks with other contextual networks may be getting cut off the Yahoo team in the first round.

Barry points to these threads in particular :

* For those who have been banned….
* Yahoo Account terminated
* Do you still get paid if you are kicked out of the beta program?
* Very Frustrating – Yahoo Account terminated

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Yahoo Publisher Network Banning Some Accounts

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