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Recently Awarded Search Engine Patents

A Selection of Recently Awarded Search-Related Patents & Recently Published Search-Related Patent Applications

Search engine with natural language-based robust parsing for user query and relevance feedback learning
Assignee: Microsoft

Method and system of ranking and clustering for document indexing and retrieval
Assignee: SAIC

Method for promoting contextual information to display pages containing hyperlinks
Assignee: Microsoft

Method and system for updating a search engine
Assigneee: Micron

Hyper video: information retrieval using text from multimedia
Assignee: Verizon

Method and apparatus for creating and displaying user specific and site specific guidance and navigation information
Assignee: IBM

Systems and methods for structured vocabulary search and classification
Assignee: Northrop Grumman Corporation

High volume targeting of advertisements to user of online service
Assignee: NetZero

Extended functionality for an inverse inference engine based web search
Assignee: Insightful Corporation

Techniques for finding related hyperlinked documents using link-based analysis
Assignee: Google

Arrangement of information for display into a continuum ranging from closely related to distantly related to a reference piece of information
Assignee: IBM

System and method for topic-based document analysis for information filtering
Assignee: Satyam Computer Services Limited of Mayfair Centre

User Query Generate Search Results That Rank Set Of Servers Where Ranking Is Based On Comparing Content On Each Server With User Query, Frequency At Which Content On Each Server Is Altered Using Web Crawler In A Search Engine
Assignee: Xerox

Method and system for creating improved search queries
Assignee: NA

Flexible keyword searching
Assignee: Microsoft

System and method for content retrieval
Assignee: Microsoft

Recently Published Search-Related Patent Applications

+ Meta-search engine architecture
Assignee: NEC

+ Dynamically updating a search engine’s knowledge and process database by tracking and saving user interactions
+ Assignee: IBM

+ Search engine facility with automated knowledge retrieval generation and maintenance
Assignee: IBM

+ Method for searching media
Assignee: Google

+ Information storage and retrieval
Assignee: NA

+ Method to facilitate a search of a database utilizing multiple search criteria
Assignee: NA

+ Method and system for advertisement using internet browser with book-like interface
Assignee: E-Book Systems

+ Temporal link analysis of linked entities
Assignee: IBM

+ Method, apparatus, and program for refining search criteria through focusing word definition
Assignee: IBM

+ Method and system for combating robots and rogues
Assignee: NA

+ Method For Retrieving Documents
Assignee: NA

+ Apparatus and methods for semantic representation and retrieval of multimedia content
Assignee: IBM

+ Method and apparatus for ranking web page search results
Assignee: AltaVista

+ Method and system of ranking and clustering for document indexing and retrieval
Assigne: SAIC


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Recently Awarded Search Engine Patents

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