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Here’s How to Get the SEO Reports You REALLY Want & Deserve

Wondering how can you get custom, 100% white label SEO reports? Here's a software that can provide you with the unique solutions you really need.

Rank Ranger

This is a sponsored post written by Rank Ranger. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Here, have another SEO report that regurgitates the same data in a new way.

Not happy yet? How about another?

And another. And another. And another.

You pay good money for SEO software that aims to provide solutions to your SEO and digital marketing problems. Yet, it seems like every day some other new platform offers the same report just in a new color and you still don’t have the tools you need to manage your SEO campaigns.

So why can’t you seem to get what you need from an SEO software platform?

Simple. It wasn’t built for you.

Let’s be honest: it was built to satisfy the most people as possible within a niche of potential users. It wasn’t built to satisfy you. It was built for you to be satisfied enough.

Does that sound like something that can actually provide you with a solution to your SEO undertakings? If you said no, keep reading. (If you said yes, keep reading anyway to see why you should have said no.)

Your Way or the Highway – Custom Data, Graphs & More

Let’s get straight to the point. You have data from all sorts of sources that you need to track and analyze. But can you manipulate that data in any way you wish?

Can you select from a variety of chart types and color schemes to display your data? Maybe.

Can you compare all sorts of data and metrics from all sorts of data sources? You know, compare your AdWords and Bing Ads performance to organic metrics from your Google Analytics to your Facebook and Twitter insights to the results you’re getting from your call and email campaigns. Didn’t think so.

How about all of the above to your overall revenue last quarter? Definitely didn’t think so!

(Yes, you can integrate your internal data into our software so that you can compare whatever you want whenever you want to. That’s the whole point of custom data isn’t it?)

To be honest, we don’t just sit around and think about what other third-party integrations we can add to Rank Ranger… we only do that when we’ve finished integrating the data our customers have asked us for (more on this below).

Integrating customer data

Your data, your metrics, your data sources, your way, your style, your metrics, or like the H2 says, it’s the highway.

It’s a custom world, with custom problems that require custom solutions (and a bit of elbow grease). 

OMG! You Mean I Can Actually Get What I Want?! 100% White Label Reports

Can you send your clients a white label PDF of the SEO reports your software shoves down your throat? Maybe.

Can you create a multi-page dashboard where you can manipulate the HTML and CSS as well as insert any report, custom graph, or embed just about anything from surveys to videos? Uh-uh.

Dashboard reports

Wouldn’t you like to have the flexibility to make your dashboard reports not only look but function any way you would like?

Wouldn’t it be nice to insert the charts and graphs you created?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to insert whatever content or media you so desired and not be limited to the checklist on the side of the report generator?

We’ll say it twice, it’s a custom world, with custom problems, that require custom solutions. (Did we mention the elbow grease?)

Enough Already! Stop Paying for What You Don’t Need

Here’s the kicker.

So you don’t get the reports you specifically want. Nor do you have the options you need to create data that highlight the specific metrics that show your success.

On top of all that you’re probably paying for extra keywords and search engines and competitor domains that you don’t even use and that you don’t even want since you’re stuck buying a standard, prefabricated package.

SEO Package

Let’s summarize then. You aren’t getting what you need and you’re paying for what you don’t want or use.

Sound about right?

How about custom pricing? OK, done. Here you go: http://www.rankranger.com/free-trial

Did you click the link? Go back and click the link.

Pay for what you use, pay for what you want. Wasn’t that easy?

Once again, but with more enthusiasm and vim this time, it’s a custom world, with custom problems, that require custom solutions. (Yes, yes, the elbow grease too.)

You’ve Got Problems, We’ve Got Custom Answers

What do you get when you combine a gifted and ambitious development team with a vision to provide a platform that sets the standard for flexibility and customization?

Two words… (the) WeDevelop program.

WeDevelop program

Let us explain how the WeDevelop program works. You sit at your computer (or you hold your phone). You send us an email with what you need and we develop it. Hence, the We Develop program. We’re not even going to write anything else here, because there’s really nothing else to add but a bunch of “markety” sales talk.

We’ll say it one last time, it’s a custom world, with custom problems, that require custom solutions. (We’re not going to discuss elbow grease anymore.)

Sick and Tired of One-Size-Fits-All SEO?

It isn’t complicated.

You have unique clients, with unique websites, with unique needs.

You also have a unique approach and unique methods in dealing with your unique clients with all of their unique sites and needs.

Can one-size-fits-all software really provide you with the unique solutions you’re looking for?

Unique solutions

Despite subliminal market messages telling you that you can’t have a custom tailored SEO suite, you can and it really isn’t that complicated. It rests on being able to:

  • Create custom data.
  • Provide your clients with custom reports.
  • Build a package that fits your needs without having to pay for excess.

Give yourself the freedom to go about SEO the way you want, be the boss of your own SEO monitoring and reporting, and get what you actually need out of an SEO software platform (finally).

Rank Ranger, helping you unstuck yourself since 2009.

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Here’s How to Get the SEO Reports You REALLY Want & Deserve

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