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Quik Drop and NuMarkets Services Sell On eBay for You

Quik Drop and NuMarkets Services Sell On eBay for You

After cleaning out my parent’s garage the other month, I was thinking about selling off some of their junk on eBay. Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed over the amount of trinkets and toys that we had pulled out of the garage. So overwhelmed that I gladly dusted some of it off and then placed it back nice and neatly. Then tonight I saw this on the Baltimore WBAL evening news and was thrilled. There are actually some franchises that help you sell your junk on eBay!

Call them eBay Auction Optimizers, eBay Specialists, call them whatever, I call them geniuses. For somewhere between 20% and 35% these companies will place your items on eBay, inspected, photographed, encourage more bidding by optimal placement, and even package and send off your sold items. Quik Drop and NuMarkets are two of these services.

“Time is money and people’s time is expensive,” said Paul Ohanian of Quik Drop. “Bring your items in and drop them off — no phone calls, no e-mail, no questions. You just get a check in the mail. It’s as simple as that,” Ohanian told WBAL News.

For seven days, the Quik Drop staff monitors your item’s eBay auction. After the item sells, it’s packaged and shipped. Quik Drop charges you 20, 30 and sometimes 38 percent, depending on how much your item sells for.

NuMarkets’ services help the public and business sector with a new way of selling items. Just bring in your items, and NuMarkets does everything required to quickly represent your item to the world market via the eBay venue. Your item will sell in seven days, and NuMarkets will collect payment from the buyer and ship the item, (including large items) anywhere in the world.

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Quik Drop and NuMarkets Services Sell On eBay for You

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