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6 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get Great Results With Your Facebook Videos

Just making a few small adjustments can improve your Facebook ROI. These six tips will help you improve your Facebook video strategy and get great results.


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Facebook hit 2 billion users in late June. This unprecedented growth offers more opportunity to reach a larger audience with your videos and a chance to grow your business dramatically.

However, with all this growth also comes some serious challenges. More people means more marketing noise, which means more advertisers bidding on the same users.

How do you get the results you want?

Getting great results with your Facebook videos can definitely be difficult. After analyzing and using thousands of video ads on Facebook and social media, we put together this list of quick wins. You’ll be surprised at how much small adjustments can help improve your performance.

1. Invest in the First 3 Seconds

According to Facebook, 65 percent of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch for at least 10 seconds, and 45 percent will watch for 30 seconds.

Track how long your audience watched your videos by checking the “Video Average Watch Time” metric in your Facebook Insights. It shows you the average time each of your videos is watched. You’ll notice that watch time likely does not exceed five seconds.

In order to ensure that your audience watches your video from the beginning to end, keep your video short and simple. Appeal to the emotions and curiosity of your audience.

2. Always Use Text

Text is super important to the success of your videos – especially considering that 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. It shows that audience’s don’t need sound or noise to understand or make a decision about the brand.

Make sure your audience gets the most out of your video by adding some sort of text to your video from the beginning. You can use subtitles (which you create through Facebook and disappear once the viewer turns the sound on), general captions, or text that brands your message coherently.

Video made with Promo by Chubby’s American Grill

3. Focus on One Important Point Only

Before you actually create your video, think about your audience and ask what would make them share it? What will make them comment or like it? Create a video to achieve some of the following goals:

  • To be simply social and entertaining or get a laugh
  • To express a feeling about a particular topic/speak for your audience
  • To show off
  • To prove they were the first ones to find something

4. Write Facebook-Specific Copy for Your Post

While you may be posting to the same video to all of your social media accounts, remember to alter the text you use in the post to suit the outlet and your audience there.

Use these tips to improve your results with the copy of your Facebook post:

  • Ask a question
  • Experiment with text length
  • Use the text or a quote from the video
  • Add emojis

5. Repurpose Your Best Performing Video Posts

When you’re looking to reach a brand new audience, it’s best to repurpose your best posts (in terms of engagement and reach).

To do this, start by reviewing all of your video campaigns to find the video posts with the most engagement and save each post ID. Then, when you’re in the ad creation phase for your new audience, instead of creating an ad from scratch, simply choose “use existing post” and insert the original ID you saved.

Repurposing your posts like this will give you a boost right from the start that can quickly snowball into even better results.

6. Choose the Right Video Creation Tools

Thanks to the evolution of video, technology, and social media platforms, there are endless options for tools to create videos that work.

If you’re looking for a more personal feel, Facebook Live or YouTube Live are great options.

To make professional videos perfect for marketing on social media or adding to your landing pages or blog, look no further than Promo by Slidely. It’s a super easy video maker that provides users with a catalog of over 3 million video clips, a library of music, and a simple text editor.

Video made with Promo by Symetric

The more and the better the videos, the better the results you’ll see

When it comes to video marketing, it requires commitment and consistency (meaning several videos) to see mind-blowing results. Remember to keep your audience at the top of mind when you create videos.

People love watching videos – especially creative, interesting, and well-made videos. Keep that in mind, as well as all of these tips, and start creating videos that get great results now.

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Featured Image: Image by Slidely. Used with permission.
In-post videos and images by Slidely. Used with permission.


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6 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get Great Results With Your Facebook Videos

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