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Political Search for Watch Dogging- Government Information Awareness

Happy July 4th!

Researchers at MIT Media Labs have just unveiled the GIA, Government Information Awareness. It seems to be a “google-esque” way of keeping an open tab on the government. And its about time!

Apparently the GIA got its mentorship from the “Terrorism Information Awareness” information solution used to keep track on shadey email and Internet goings on.

The GIA, gives Americans the chance to keep tabs on their elected officials and appointees appointed by a Supreme Court appointed President.

Open Government Information Awareness FAQ

Wired News: Government Prying, the Good Kind

From the news wires:

On Friday, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab plans to debut a Web site called “Government Information Awareness,” that aspires to be far more than just another, dime-a-dozen assemblage of government documents and resources.

Instead, GIA hopes to create a self-sustaining community where, as occurs with popular Web sites eBay and Google, the users keep it running and credible.

Its creators at Media Lab – a research center whose eclectic projects bridge technology, the arts and media – view the project as a way to pool the wisdom of government watchdogs and counter new government technologies that are consolidating information about citizens.

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Political Search for Watch Dogging- Government Information Awareness

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