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Podcast Search Engine from PodZinger

Podcast Search Engine from PodZinger

Podcast Search Engine from PodZinger

Having trouble finding Podcasts? This week a new podcast search engine launched called Podzinger which features a voice recognition technology that is based on 30 years of speech recognition research and development from BBN Technologies.

PodZinger says that its search services offers two unique features : it displays the text surrounding the search term, so users can skim results the same way they skim text search results to assess relevance quickly; and it allows users to listen to the most relevant sections of their search results by simply clicking on any word in the search result and beginning audio playback from there.

Podcasts can be submitted to PodZinger and they are currently monetizing their search engine via Google AdWords. On the homepage it says that PodZinger is now searching 39741 podcasts.

PodZinger also lets users subscribe to podcasts, download or listen to them, and offers a service where PodZinger automatically delivers new podcasts on their own topics of interest using standard RSS feeds.

Alex Laats, President of BBN Technologies & PodZinger says, ‘‘Relevant and content-rich podcast search is now a reality. At PodZinger, we’ve used three decades of speech recognition research and development to enable users to search multimedia content as easily as they search text. PodZinger delivers both visual and audio cues for users to gauge relevance in seconds, eliminating the need to listen to an entire segment to find the right nugget of information.

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Podcast Search Engine from PodZinger

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