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Pinterest Upgrades its Self-Serve Ads Manager With New Features, Reporting, More

Pinterest is rolling out a series of updates to its self-serve advertising tools.

The updates include improvements to the campaign creation process, new targeting features, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Here is an overview of everything that was announced.

New Campaign Creation Features

Pause campaigns

A new “pause campaign” feature lets advertisers review their pins before they go live, and launch them only when they’re ready.

Streamlined ad creation

Advertisers can now select multiple pins to promote at once, rather than having to promote each pin individually.

It’s also easier to find specific pins to promote with a new search bar and boards filter included in the ad creation process.

Create pins directly within Ads Manager

Instead of creating pins on Pinterest and promoting them from the Ads Manager, pins can now be created and promoted from the same place.

Test and optimize ads

Advertisers can test and optimize their ads ad they duplicate top performing campaigns and ad groups to test and scale.

New Ad Targeting Features

Manage ad placements

Control where people see ads with new placement options for separate browse and search strategies at the ad group level.

Audience building

Build robust targeting audiences with guidance from audience sizing and the Audience Insights tool.

More options for targeting by interest

Advertisers can get their ads in front of more people by utilizing the new interest targeting options.

New Ad Insights

Streamlined reporting optimization

Monitor ad performance and make in-line optimizations to multiple rows at once using the revamped reporting dashboard.

Promote pins from the Analytics dashboard

Advertisers can now identify their top performing organic pins and promote them directly from the Analytics dashboard.

Monthly profile viewers

Measure influence on Pinterest by tracking the number of monthly profile viewers.

These features are available to everyone in English speaking markets with a Pinterest Business profile.

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Pinterest Upgrades its Self-Serve Ads Manager With New Features, Reporting, More

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