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Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020

Pinterest released an updated report on search trends reflecting what’s currently rising in interest among users.

Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020

A new report on Pinterest search trends reveals which topics are seeing a spike in popularity during the summer months of 2020.

Knowing what users priorities are can be useful in guiding the efforts of social media marketers throughout the rest of the season.

As it turns out, users priorities are increasingly becoming themselves, Pinterest states:

“Many people know Pinterest as a place for recipes, home décor ideas and DIY. However, with COVID-19 creating new life stressors, more people than ever before are turning to Pinterest for wellbeing and self-care.

Pinterest notes it recently broke an all-time record for searches around mental wellness ideas.

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More specifically, the following topics have seen a significant increase in user interest:

  • Meditation (+44%)
  • Gratitude (+60%)
  • Positivity (+42%)

These jumps occurred from February to May as users looked for ways to take care of themselves while adjusting to the “new normal.”

Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020

Pinterest took a deeper look at this data to determine which trends are not only spiking right now, but likely to remain up through the rest of the year.

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Health and Wellness Searches Up

Searches for health-and-wellness-related topics are on the rise, which include:

  • Stress relief activities (up 4.7x)
  • Productive morning routine (up 6x)
  • Exercise routine at home (up 12x)
  • Self care night routine (up 7x)
  • Gratitude journal prompts (up 8x)
  • Mindfulness activities for kids (up 3x)
  • Kids workout routine (+73%)

Pinterest says the increase in these searches shows that the world is looking for ways to cope with the uncertainty created by an unpredictable future.

Future Planning Searches Are Up

In addition to practicing mindfulness and staying physically active, now is also time to plan for a more positive future, Pinterest says:

“Challenges and uncertainty also spark new ideas, creativity and a now-or-never-attitude – and now is the time to plan for that house, family, trip or business that you always wanted.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a 35% increase in searches for ‘starting a new business.’

That’s notable because searches for ‘starting a new business’ tend to only rise at the beginning of a new year.

Other rising searches around future planning include:

  • Future life goals (up 2x)
  • Life bucket list (+65%)
  • Family goals future (+30%)
  • Future house goals (+78%)
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Indoor/Outdoor Decorating Searches Are Up

As the pandemic keeps people indoors, people are turning to Pinterest for home decor inspiration.

Pinterest is seeing the following searches related to home decor on the rise:

  • Kitchen family rooms (up 14x)
  • Modern kids playroom (up 4x)
  • Gamer girl room (up 9x)
  • Boys game room (up 13x)
  • Basement game room ideas (up 5x)

Pinterest users are also improving their outdoor spaces:

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“After being at home for months—sometimes in small apartments without outdoor spaces—it’s no surprise that gardens and outdoor areas, however limited in space, have become the heart of the home.”

Searches related to outdoor spaces have increased for:

  • Outdoor spaces on a budget (up 3x)
  • DIY patio ideas on a budget (up 17x)
  • Backyard oasis on a budget (up 5X)

Trends were calculated by comparing normalized searches in the four week period of 5/18/20-6/14/20 to the same timeframe the previous year.

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Source: Pinterest Newsroom


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